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When to stop "Roll over feed" Lock Rss

Hi All,
My DD is now 8.5 months and is still having the roll over feed at 10pm. She usually wakes up for it or we take her out the cot without disturbing her and give her the feed before we go to bed (as we left her one night and she woke up at 1am!).

She then sleeps through until about 7am but sometimes wakes now and again during the night.

Does she still need this feed do you think or can she manage without it? When did you stop giving the roll over feed and at what age?

My DD has been on solids since 5.5 mths and her general day is:
7am - Bottle 180ml (doesn't drink any more than this)
8.30 - Breakfast (weetbix or muesli)
12.00 - Lunch - yoghurt, fruit, cheese
1pm - Bottle 180ml
5pm - Dinner & Dessert
6.30 - Bottle 180ml
10.00 - BottleNB: she has fruit juice and a cruskit during the afternoon

Any comments welcome

Sophie's Mummy

I was told when bubs were having 3 good solid meals a day it would be fine to stop this feed. That's what I did with Jeb and he was off it around 7 months. I think he could of dropped it sooner but I was too scared to do it.
Have you tried weaning her off it? The way I started with Jeb was to cut his bottle by 50ml for a couple nights then brought it forward 15mins for the next few night. Then dropped another 50ml then forward again 15mins. This way they are still getting something but it's less and not at the usual time so it sort of helps break the cycle of the same time at night...if you get what I mean? I did this for a few weeks then just forgot to do it one night and he slept through fine and has done ever since. So basically you have to get her to break the routine of having it and hopefully she'll grow out of needing it but then again some bubs need it? She'll let you know anyway. Hope I have helped a little smile
I made a post just recently about my 8 month old waking up for that middle night feed, but I wasn't doing the dream feed, I was feeding at 3.30am instead. But I decided 4 days ago that she did not need it anymore, and tried to cut it out.
And it worked!!!!!
She has now only 3 bottles a day and 3 solid meals plus a snack, plus a little 120ml bottle as soon as she wakes in the morn. And she has just begun to sleep thru first time ever. Last night she woke at 3.30am out of habit and I offered her water instead, waiting for a dummy spit, but instead she drank about 60ml and then turned her head and fell asleep. I'm a big believer in mummy knows bubs best and do what you want.
I was happy to wake up if she really needed it, but I thought to try and cut it out. My motto was that all I could was try and to my benefit it worked.
Hope it helps

Nikki H, Perth, 8mth baby girl

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