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7 Month Old doesn't want milk anymore Lock Rss

Hi All,

I am having an extremly difficult time at the moment trying to get my 7 1/2 month old baby to have a bottle. He refuses to drink at all during the day, he will just scream and scream or simply hold the teat in his mouth (to keep me happy I think) but not drink. I give him breaks but to no avail. He did have reflux as a little bub so I think this is a part of the reason why. I have taken him to doctor after doctor and also to his paedatrition and he was put on zantac but this didn't help either. He will have his night bottle most nights and always wakes through the night (early morning) for a bottle which he happily takes of approx 200ml. He has 160mls with his breakfast and then another 100mls with custard that I make but I am sure this isn't enough milk for him but I just cant get him to drink so what can I do? He has been like this for months and months so it isn't a faze that he is going through, it is like he is self weaning himself from milk. Has anyone heard of this at such a young age or know of anyone who has had this happen to before?? Does anyone know if I can add anything to his bottle to entice him to drink ie. some sort of flavouring? Any help would be greatly appreciated as it is so damn hard and I would really like my bub to start drinking his bottles again as I makes me so upset when he doesn't drink and I worry that he isn't getting enough fluid. Sorry for such a long post!

Mummy to Ryan 22.10.05 & Luke 11.9.07 Tassie

oooh Jen I am so there with you, my little one did this for a month or so then a little toof pooped thru and he was better ... for about a week *grr*

Its so hard when the standard is set for how much a baby should be having and we all want whats best for our little ones.

Jack is also on zantac, i dunno whether its helping or not, with a few different problems (reflux, teething etc.) I cant erally pin point what he is crying about .... generally I just end up crying with him *blush*

Im sorry I dont have a quick solution for you but I can DEFINATELY sympathise! we tried sippy cups (he wore most of it and still pushed it away lol) mixing his milk into his cereal ... etc. Its like he knows "can't dupe me mummy!" lol

If u wanna chat anytime add me to ur msn if u like, I have no solutions but maybe we could try different things together? Our boys were born within a week of one another YAY!

msn: [email protected] (yes i used my yahoo addy lol

yahoo : [email protected]

No pressure .... wink

Nat xx

Jack John 29/10/05 & Oliver George 20/12/07 ~ My A

Hi Jen
Just wanted to let you know I have managed to get Kaitlyn to take milk. I am doing what all doctors and HCN's say not to do, but at the moment it is working.

I got in contact with another lady that had this problem and she has been seeing a CHN from the old way of doing things.

She was informed to give them 3/4 milk (homogised) 1/4 water and 1/2 teaspoon of sugar.

I have been doing this for the last two days and she seems to be taking her milk after her solids like she always did.

I am not going to let my dr or CHN know what I am doing, as they don't like you giving them this milk until 12mths because of allergies. I was brought up like on this and there seems to be nothing wrong with me. Another reason why they don't like you doing this is because all the milk is processed differently to the days we were little.

The lady that informed me of this has had no problems with her kids.

Catherine Qld


It could be that you bub is teething. Maybe try putting some teething gel on 1\2hr before a feed. this tends to sooth the gums or maybe try a sipper cup. or Maybe try changing teats.

My Little one went through a stage like this at around 7 months. She still had her 4 feeds a day but would only drink 1/2 of her milk in each bottle.

Then she slowly dropped a feed so she now has 3 feeds a day and drinks most of what i offer her. + her solids in between.

At around 8 months bub should be getting 90-100ml/kg of body weight per day.

Also try giving bottle before solid feeds. Maybe bub is filling up on solids that could be why he is refusing the bottle.

Baby Girl

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