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?Oranges Lock Rss

I have tried to search this forum for the answer but to no avail.

I have just picked 2 full bags of oranges from my trees but would like to know whether I can give my 6.5mth old boy some orange juice or some orange puree. No where can I find the answer to this. He loves every other fruit but I am not sure about Oranges.


Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

hi there
according to my baby food book, it says orange is fine from 8 mths, but im sure i gave it to my bub at about 6-7mths.
actually there is a heinze jar food "apple & orange" fro 7-9mth olds.
maybe ask your CHN next time u see them.

sorry it doesn't really answer your question!!!
hope it helps anyway gasp)

hi julie,
it should be fine as long as the juice and puree are well watered down as the acid in the fruit can give them very bad nappy rash particulally when teething as there urine gets quite strong my 9 mth old suck on cut up orange and manderine i.m just sure not to give her to much
hope this helps all you can do is try and see how he goes, this parenting thing is all trial and error as they dont come with a manual as yet!!!!!
good luck ella and mummy
i think watering it down should be fine. You will soon know if it gives him an upset tummy, he will have gas, and probably the runs. So if he does i wouldnt give it again for another couple of months. I think i started giving my son pieces of orange around 9-10months. but it wasnt all the time. He used to have a bit of orange juice watered down before that and was fine.

xx -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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