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when to start solids???? Lock Rss

I'm a first time mum and having trouble with bubs sleeping through the night and also has reflux. She is 3 1/2months old and is breastfed. Her last feed is about 10pm and rocks off to sleep about 10:30pm, but is only sleeping about 5 hrs and then waking every 2hrs. I know her reflux annoys her and she is on medication for it.

I was wondering if introducing solids early would help her reflux and in turn help her to sleep longer at night?????

When she BF she plays around alot at the end and starts to bite me as well and doesn't really feed for long. So it's hard to tell if she's had enough, especially at night time before bed.

Rach smile

Rachel 1st baby due 21/2/06

Hi rach,

perhaps double check with your GP or CHN regarding the solids issue. is your cot raised at the head end also to minimise the effects of reflux?
sorry not much help,
Hi Rachel

I have a 4 month old baby girl who suffers reflux. I previously had a son who also suffered from this and who I started on solids at 4 months which helped him immensely in the management of his reflux.

I spoke to my little girls doctor when she was three and a half months old about starting her on solids and she advised me that it was OK to do but to only give her rice cereal and hold off introducing her to other foods until she was a little older. I made the decision and did and two weeks on she is doing great on the rice cereal and I think personally that it has helped her.

I would suggest exploring this option with your doctor but for me personally both my children have benefited from starting solids early.

Hope this helps.
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