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Arrowroot Biscuits Lock Rss

Just wondering how old your bubs was when you first gave them an arrowroot biscuit? My DS is 6 months & isnt a big fan of rusks so I was wondering if I could give him a biscuit instead?
I gave my daughter arrowroot biccies for brekkie the other day.... mushed it up with forumla LOVED it.

But have never jsut given them to her to have on her own...


I have given Amy Arrowroot biscuits, you just have to watch them while they are eating them so they don't choke.... Be warned they are very MESSY but AMy loves them.....

Let us knoe how he goes....


Jilly, Qld, Mum to Amy 14/12/05 & Rebecca 20/7/07

around 7.5 months I started giving my little one arrowroots. COuld have done it earlier, but there was just so much other stuff that I wanted her to try first before she had a biscuit.

They are very messy, but fun for them to eat. Like all food, it can get everywhere!

I guess you could also have one when your bub has one so you can be enjoying a mini snack together!

Hi Shar

I started giving my DD arrowroot biscuits at 5 months. Make sure you supervise your baby. My dughter is now 9 months old and loves her arrowroot biscuits, however I do not give her biscuits that often as biscuits cant be that food for them that often.


my bubs been having arrowroot biccies since he was about 5 months in the beginning his great nan as letting them sit in boiling water till they were soft then mashed it then a week or 2 later he was having them hard. sometimes i would break little pieces off and when i was feeling game i would let him do it. he would bite off large bits but always managed to eat it ok.

sarah, QLD, 20mth bub

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