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What do you feed your 9 month old? Lock Rss

What is your baby eating?
Do you do three meals? With/without snacks or morning and arvo tea?
My DD will eat most veges and fruit and she will usually try anything once. She loves cheese and yogurt but I try not to feed her too much. She likes toast and porridge and loves spagetti bolognaise leftovers.
But sometimes she will only eat a few teaspoons of something before she gets cranky, throws the spoon at me and rubs food all in her face which I find very frustrating. She will usually eat all her dinner.
I think she would happily snack most of the day but I don't know if getting into that kind of habit is a good idea??
How do you do things?
What doesn't my baby eat smile
She has always been a great eater and LOVES her food. She has been on solids since 4months and we haven't looked back.
On an average day this is what she has:

Breakfast: 1/4cup cereal mixed with 2-3tbls fruit,100mls of milk. 50mls milk in her cup and toast with vegemite her favourite.

Bottle 200mls 1.5hrs later


Lunch: 1/2 slice of cheese, a tub of yoghurt and either egg scrabled or boiled,snadwich,soup and when teething just some fruit. Water in a cup


Snack: mini savoury biscuit,arrowroot biscuit,saltanas,baby bread stick. Water in a cup.

Dinner: usually 1/4-1/2cup food usually what we are having. Always 2-3veges, almost always some meat and rice/pasta. Jelly&custard for dessert generally 3-4tbls. 100mls milk in a cup

1.5hrs later just before bed 200ml bottle.

Hope this helps.

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

Looks like there's a bit of variation in our 9 month olds' diets, which is interesting! My DD started solids at 6 months and was slow to get to like it, preferred the boob for quite a few weeks before she got into the swing of things.

Nowadays, she has fruit and farex for breakfast, veges for lunch and some more fruit afterwards (eats a LOT of fruit), a piece of toast with Marmite for afternoon tea (doesn't have any teeth yet but loves sucking the toast to bits), and then meat and vege for tea, followed by yet more fruit thickened with a little bit of farex. She has plenty of breastfeeds as well. My main challenge at the mo is that Nina has suddenly got quite fussy in recent weeks, and has a couple of favourite foods, and to get anything else into her I have to mix it with a favourite and sneak it in.

I guess you just have to go by your baby's appetite, I try to make sure Nina eats a reasonable amount at breakfast lunch and tea, then just treat the snacky finger foods at afternoon tea as a fun experiment. It's probably a good idea to be in the kind of routine you want to establish for later on, but flexibility is the key word when mothering a bubba after all!

This new forum is strange ...

Hi Carline
The Plunket nurses here have really great resources about when and what to feed bubs, good to know that this phase 9-12m is when they can start eating what we eat (assuming we eat properly!).
Adam is just shy of 10months and there isn't much he doesn't like, thank goodness. We look at what the prepared foods are offering for his age group and then go home and make our own.
I was scared about choking etc but it's just gagging and it doesn't kill them as we expect it will. I've relaxed enough to give him harder fruits to chew on, little sandwiches etc. I steer away from salty/sugary food and I'm pretty tough about snack time.
I don't think it matters whether a meal is all fingerfood, as long as you have a routine for meals so they learn the times. We sit in our highchair for the 3 main meals AND for snacks unless we're out and then the rule is eat sitting down. My friends with older kids did this religiously and now they have trained kids who plop down on the floor as soon as the goodies come out! I give him 1 snack in the afternoon and an extra at morning tea if he had an early breakfast.
sometimes it's just a handful of raisins.
I worry about some of the posts that show older babies are not eating any meat, they need that iron. I give Adam alternating meat dinners and a couple of fish or chicken lunches as well. My mates turn their noses up about cooking kidneys or liver but it's not about us is it! (I get my mum to do it since she used to force it down my neck!).
Im prattling a bit, happy to share my recipies if you want any.
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