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Gone off his own food...wants ours! Help Lock Rss

Good morning everyone,
I am hoping to get a few ideas from you all...
My DS has (in the last few days) gone off his own food, only eating about half of what he was. He is very interested in our food tho, and will eat veggies that I give him from my plate etc.
Can you tell me what is the best way to get him eating more? I know I could stop mashing his veggies up, but what about feeding himself?
Do any of your bubs use a spoon?
I don't think he could do that, but haven't really tried yet, mainly due to the mess I can imagine!!!!
Really I want a few tips to keep him happy during this transitional phase, where he is swapping from his food to ours, alos any mess minimising ideas would be much appreciated.
He is now nearly 11 mths. what do you all do/ have done in the past?

Jen and 13mth Harvey

Hi there,

Have you tried giving him finger food? My bub had the same problem, only interested in my food. If you are concerned about the mess, let him hold any finger food to 'play' with or a spoon while you spoon feed him, this way he is distracted. It worked for me...good luck..

hi there,
yes i had the same problem though before she wanted my food she would only eat tin and jar stuff, then she discovered my food and i just put small amounts at a time onto her own plate and gave her own spoon and away she went she has never liked me helping her to eat so i just had to put up with the mess and just let her explore and do it all herself, she still makes a mess but it is easier in a way as i can sit down with her and eat something as well, i also discovered that she eats really well when she sits on a plastic childs chair at the little table with her brother, its really cute when they both sit together and eat she feels very grown up even though she is only 15mths, she just loves been with her brother and doin what he does.
sorry 4 going on a bit to much.
hope this helps you out a little.

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

Hi jennimum my daughter is nearly 1 years old and she willnt have anything that I make for her at all cause she wants our dinner instead so now I give her some of our dinner on her plate and she use a folk instead cause she thinks she is all grown up now and she sort of feeds herself but it keeps her happy during dinner and I also put a plastic sheet down on the floor so it willnt get to dirty from dinner.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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