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skin problem Lock Rss

my 6 month old has really bad eczema. it started on her face and has now spread to the rest of her poor little body. I have tried every thing to get rid of it and nothing seems to work. I can not use honey and manuka cream becouse she is allergic to it.

maya's mum


My 9 month old baby is in the situation as yours. She got it since she was 2 month old, and I've also tried EVERYTHING and none works. She cannot sleep well as she constantly wakes up scratching.

Just hope one day she can grow out of it.
have you tried paw paw cream? I'm assuming you use no soap products, nothing from johnson and johnson, I'm currently trying curash in the bath. I got a ointment from the doctor but only use it once a day because it's great stuff. Someone when I was doing research on this site said to help the baby sleep they used a gentle lufer(?) to help with the itch. I started making most of my own baby food and I try not to overheat Lilly when she goes to bed. According to the books there is no one thing that triggers it.

One day at a time

Hi - have you heard of 'Skin Therapy XMA' - it is a natural alternative to all the cortesone and steriod based creams. I have not used this particular cream however will definately give it a go if my little one develops eczema. You order it on-line from the website Good luck.

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