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Anyone USE or USED NAN 1 starter formula with bifidus (not gold)? Lock Rss

Hi there this may b a silly Q but I'm gonna ask anyway. My son is on Nan starter with bif he will be 6 mths next week. I was wondering should i as soon as he turns 6 months (like the next grocery shop) swap him to the 6mth one? And how will he go? Do they notice a huge difference? Weill he have funny poos from the change? Is it as filling as the starter formula. Just hoping to get some feedback from mums that have used this formula with there bubs.

Mumma of 3.

i used the nan1 with saxon at first, but now as i have completely weaned him, i was comp feeding in the beginning, i have switched to the lactogen. it is a generic brand of nan, made by the same, same ingredients and only $11. i figure he is eating good food now, so he didnt need the extras in the gold. but saying this, the lactogen doesnt change ver at 6months, they only have the one tin, so i will keep using this one.
but the main difference in the follow on formulas is the amount of iron. i am pretty sur that you will notice his poos going harder, this being from the iron. i would try changing him. but have some of the started one on hand in case he reacts to the follow on and you need to go back.

good luck
i used the gold and now bub is having a much better diet i just use the other, you won't notice a diffrence and i think it is important to swap to 6 months +, when i swapt over i never noticed a change anyway but trey is real good with being able to stomach things
hello, no trey is on nan but when i changed to the 6 month one there was no diffrence in his poos or anything, i think they filled him up that little bit more though. sorry if i confused you with my last post but so what ever you feel right.
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