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2 meals a day? Lock Rss

hello i was just wondering how long after starting solids can u introduce a second meal?

my sone 4 months started last week rice cereal and is eating 3 tsps at a time at a thickish consistancy (thicker then a jar of 4month old apple)

he has the cereal as dinner but i wanted to start thinking of vegies 4 tea and cereal for breaky???

i know it may be a little early just getting ahead of myself?

***haydens mum***

hi...My DD started solids 3 weeks ago now (she is 4 1/2 months)and i started her on rice cereal for the first few days then i mixed pear / apple with it.She loved it.I give that to her of a morning & then this week i started giving her a second meal in the arvo.She's been having purred veggies- pumpkin, sweet potato & normal potato.i tried the veggies one at a time first to see if there was any reactions & now i mix them together & she loves it. I think if he's enjoying his rice cereal then it wouldn't hurt to introduce another meal.Just remember solids after bf / bottle......i normally wait an hour.
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