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Travel with baby Lock Rss

My girl Tiara 8 months old. Every time when we travel in the car and if she tired she can't go to sleep by herself and she keep crying until is stop. Beside she can't go to sleep in any other placed except her own cot. Can any one help?
this is kinda in the wrong section isnt it? lol.. never mind were all here to help, well at least try to - in my case!
I'm surprised at this, because as soon as we used to get in the car my little man would just go to sleep. maybe she is cold? maybe she needs a dummy? is the sun in her face when driving? maybe you should try a few days of going out when its her sleep time and let her sleep in the car to get used to it. It can be annoying when they scream in the car because they are tired - especially when you are supposed to be concerntrating.

goodluck, sorry this wasnt much help.
xx -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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