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Freezing Baby Food! Lock Rss

Hi there, I'm really somewhat beyond myself here and getting very frustrated. I cook a lot of food, then mouli **SP** when it's cooled and then when ti's cold I freeze it for the week. When I remove it from the freezer it's like a jelly mould, hard to get that smooth texture back. I’ve tried heating it first then using the spoon to sort of whip it smooth, that doesn’t work, I’ve then tried mixing milk and or water to it and continued mixing but still nothing it’s coming out lumpy and separated if that make sense? It’s worse if there has been any sort of meat in the cooking as most of you will know meat has it’s own fat and when it’s frozen it will solidify itself and makes it even worse with trying to get the smooth texture that my girls will eat. My twin girls are difficult feeders in the respect that they prefer really refined food, like 6 month old food and trying to feed them this thawed out food is just impossible and turning into a waste of time. And a waste of money as I have to throw it out. What the heck am I doing wrong? Should I freeze the food as a whole and then when it's thawed then do the mouli **SP** ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks smile

Michelle mum of 4

Hi Michelle,
I am yet to try freezing food myself. However, I did discover with the tinned food that some of it was quite thick but nuking it and then mixing it made it nice and sloppy. I don't know if hat will work or not. You may already be using the microwave. I also would be very interested to know if someone else has a solution.

i'm not sure if i can help but i have been making and freezing baby food for about 2 months and no problems. i would cook it then blend it then freeze it in individual serves. i usually take it out of freezer the day before and let it defrost in the fridge and just nuke it to heat it up but have also done it straight from frozen. you're not mixing any breast milk or formula with it before freezing? as i have heard that can effect it. what sort of food are you doing? it's a bit of a mystery i'd like to know if you find out what the problem is. goodluck!

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

Hi, I prepare the food without any additives such as formula, milk etc, mash it ready for eating, allow it to cool and then put it in a Tupperware ice cube tray (you know the ones with the lid) so I can take a serve out at a time. To defrost, I put a teensy bit of water with it and nuke it. They seem to come out fine. Hope that helps.
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