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6mths + FOODS????????? Lock Rss

What types of different foods can a 6mth old have??

We currently are having
wheat bix
pureed fruit
custard (all flavours)
vegies (all types pureed)

After some different food ideas.

Mumma of 3.

Hi Quin

Glad you asked because I am running out of ideas for Kayden too - we have all of the above (havent tried wheat bix yet tho). Will be interesting to see some replies.

you could try:

arrowroot biscuits
dry toast
ricotta cheese in your vegies/fruit
cheese melted in the veggies

hope this helps,

My little girl has been feeding since 4 months. She is now 6 months. For brekky, I give her Farex with fruit and for dinner, I make my own veggies for her. For lunch though, I give her tinned or bottled food prepared by Heinz or something similar. The variety is huge and interesting and when I worked out the cost of self preparation both in time and money, I couldn't really match it. Denby really enjoys most of the flavours and I could never make the variety that is offered. I'm sure I'll cut back and prepare more things myself when she starts eating chunky foods such as cheeses, breads, meats etc but for now this option is great. Sorry this is such an essay but I am so excited about all the new foods she can have now she has gone into the 6 month age group.

Lee - Mum of Denby Grace - 01/12/05

Hi Quin
My DS is 7 mths old now and he has baked beans for lunch sometimes, mashed up, they are so easy to mash up and he loves them. Also I made a cheese sauce and add some tuna and pasta to it (tuna mornay) and mash. Also, try some tuna patties, broccoli & Cauliflower cheese.

He loves them all and all I do now is mash them and he eats them fine. Also try the Heinz gels, they are fantastic for dessert!

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

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