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I am having trouble feeding by 6 1/2 month old solids. We eat rice cereal with no reaction. However I have now tried her on pear, potato, pumpkin and sweet potato and the poor thing comes out in a horrible rash afterwards. I am waiting for the rash to clear so I can try apple and then carrot. Fingers crossed.
She is allergic to Cow's Milk Protein, Eggs, Wheat, Banana and Corn (found out through allergy tests). Apparently reactions to vegies and fruit are more intollerances then allergies.

Does anyone have any advice as to what I can feed baby. She is looking for 3 feeds a day and I cannot continue to feed her three feeds of rice cereal for much longer. (Also she has no problems taking the food - loves it - it is just the horrible ezsma after that is nasty for her).


hello Roemma i have a 7mth old baby girl who is allergic to cows milk,soya,eggs,and rice cereal,i am also finding it hard to feed my dd can only tolarate a few foods and is only on 2 meals aday and my dd has bad ezsma to and her pedi gave me a list of foods that my dd can eat and hope she dont react to them,last week tryed banana she got a bad rash and the runs with that do you have msn addy it would be great to chat to her cause we are in the same boat with our baby allergys hope to hear from you soon

katie,victoria,mum to 2 beautiful girls!


Sorry that I may not be any help with this for you but as a suggestion do the rashes occur if the food is organically produced?

There should be some recipie books for babies that are compiled especially for babies with mulitple reactions/intolerances or allergies in bookstores or your paediatrician or even a nutritionalist or dietician should be able to help you out there. A GP could perhaps also give you a referal to these other allied health professionals for assistance.

Sorry that you are having such a hard time with it, maybe you could try some riced based products like softly boiled rice porridge or rice noodles? What about lentils? or other root vegies like sweede or parsnip?

good luck,


I have a 4month old that is allergic to cows milk & Soy and who knows what else as yet. Do you have you bub on a special formula?

Leanne, SA, 3 boys

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