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Mixing Milk Lock Rss

hi there
just wondering if there is any harm in mixing cows milk with formula??
i want to put my bub on cows milk, but dont want to do it cold turkey, so i was thinking on doing 1 cows milk bottle a day & the rest formula??
is this ok?
hi pos, This is what i am planning to do.
I know that they will refuse the bottle if it tastes different from being all cows milk.
I plan to start to add a quarter milk and the rest of the bottle will be formula and gradually incresase ratios until the bottle is completely milk.
My guys are a month prem so i will be starting when they are 13 mths and by 14 mths will be straight more formula yay!


i would do one bottle a day, mixing the two together could taste funny and bubby might not like it. I'm sure just giving one full cream cows milk bottle a day would be better than mixing the two together. It wouldnt hurt to try mixing it once and see if your bubs likes it.

xx -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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