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Too young for Toast?? Lock Rss

Hi everyone

My 7 month-old DS drools watching us all eat our vegemite toast in the morning... he's a fussy thing and has only just really started eating his food without a fight every night. He's REALLY interested in toast, but I'm petrified of him choking.

Any ideas or advice?


Kerry, WA, DD 09/00 & DS 11/05

Aidan had vegemite on toast just this morning...& he seemed to really like it. I think 7 months is okay for toast, Aidan started about that age or maybe a bit before...just plain to start with, but that was just my decision.

The only thing you have to do is watch him like a hawk, in case they choke, but so far so good for us. We usually have our toast together & if he were to choke, I'd be right there to pull it out!

Good luck!

Kez bubs love toast. As long as you are with him while eating the toast it will be fine.
They have to learn to eat tougher types of food, and no doubt he will gag and cough on a bigger bit of food, but they have to learn through experiance.
Hope both of you have fun with new types of food.


I was totally terrified the first time I went to give DD toast, actually, it was around the same age as your DS. I don't know where I got such fear of choking from as it rarely happens. Of course, once I actually gave it to DD (watching her like a hawk) I realised my fear was a bit over the top. I think if your bub is interested, then give him a bit and see what he does. One thing I kept in mind is that its good for them to clear their own throat, so if your DS caughs a bit - don't panic. Offer him a drink to wash it down, then let him at the toast again. Its also really quick and easy to scoop a bit out of their mouth should they bite a bit off and you don't feel too comforatable about it. One other thing I did was a Baby First Aid Course - highly recommended. It taught me lots of things, including how to deal with a choking baby. I think that gave me a lot more confidence as I knew I could handle some-thing, should it happen.

Best of luck - I bet your DS suprises you with just how clever at eating he is !!!

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

The gag reflex does work Ebony!!! I tried vegemite toast with DS again at lunch today - and like yesterday, he loved it. He chewed off some big chunks that I scooped out of his mouth... he then polished of 3/4 tin of apples - coughed up a decent sized chunk of soggy toast, then finished the rest of the tin of apples!!!

Am now even more relaxed about the whole finger food thing.


Kerry, WA, DD 09/00 & DS 11/05

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