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Introducing cows milk Lock Rss

I dont want to sound silly.....but how do I go about introducing cows milk? I have been making Deklan's breakfast on cows milk for about a week.

But what about his bottles? I have no idea. Mix some cows milk in with the formula? Just go straight to cows milk?


Jess - Deklan 2005, Gabrielle 2007 & Campbell 2009

Hi Jess,
Sorry no answer for you, but I too am very interested to find this out! Hopefully we will find out! My DS is a similar age (born 15.07) and I think it;s a good time to try it!

Jen and 13mth Harvey

hi there,
when i introduced cows milk to dd i just started off doing 3/4 formula and 1/4 cows milk then 1 to 2 wks later i went to half half and then another 1 to 2 wks i went to 1/4 formula and 3/4 cows milk and then straight cows milk and it worked really well, this was in her bottle 2.
good luck wit it

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

Hi, I was in the same situation as you. Others had told me that cows milk is too strong for their tummy's. My hubby was scared to give our boy straight cows milk. My boy started having cows milk in his cereal since he was 8 months as well as in custards. He had no allergy reaction, then go for it. My health nurse told me that when he turns 12 months, give it to him straight from the carton. Don't bother mixing it with formula. My boy is 13 months now and enjoys his milk. Make sure it is full cream milk, not the low fat ones. His poos changed and was a bit constipated for the first week. I kept up with his fluids during meal times and after a week he settled back into normal routine. Good luck


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