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Hi all....I was just wondering, I have a 6 month old who has sort of only been eating a teaspoon of custard in the afternoons to get her to take food of her spoon. She isn't asking (crying or showing me signs that she is still hungry) for solids but I want to try and start her on the baby's first cereal in the mornings. I have been trying to give it to her for the last few days and all she does is gag on it. I heard that you could put apple or pear in it to give it more of a taste for her but whenever I have given her the pear and banana in the jars or even the apples in the jar she really does screw up her face (just like when you do when you eat a lemon) ha ha. How do I get her to eat it?? I'll try with it in it or maybe I should go to the shops and find one thats already got the fruit in it. Has anyone had this problem or who could give me some advice on other breakfast foods?

I'm not much of a cook partner does all the cooking becuase he likes all the garlic and onion in his food to "his" taste.

Kristy, Qld, 6mth baby girl

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Hi Kristy,

My little one (5 1/2 months) doesn't like Rice Cereal on it's own either.

There are two options;

1. Buy Rice cereal with Pear and Banana flavour. Luke didn't mind this, better than plain old Rice Cereal.

2. I mix (Fruity Apple or Pear etc) 50/50 with Rice Cereal and he likes this.

He is not too keen on the fruit on it's own he screws his face up too, but I tried it and it's a bit tangy and strong on it's own. By mixing it with RC it is a little more bland for them.

Good luck.

Hi Kristy,

I know this sounds strange, but when I feed my daughter a new food and she is not really keen for it, I make "mmmmmm" sounds and say "yummy mmmmm" through the whole meal. My daughter starts to copy me and gets really enthusiastic! Then she generally eats all of her food and wants more!

You never know, it might work smile

Taryn, NSW, Baby girl born 21/05/04

Thank you Taza.......she eats the rice cereal now but has her days that she just spits it out. But I have tried with mixed vegies and she seems to eat that but not much at all. And even with apples she is starting to eat that too. I went to a baby nurse at the chemist across the road and asked her what I should do but I have been giving her the solids after a bottle so now I have turned it around so that she eats first and then the bottle. But maybe I should say mmmm and stuff like that during it....she gets sick of it and then just screams for her bottle after awhile. I have to feed it to her quickly ha ha.

Its all a learning curve isn't it. FUN!! But at least I know she isn't starving the little fatty...but gorgoeous!!

Thank you!

Kristy, Qld, 6mth baby girl

Hi Kristy,

I am really serious about the noises! smile
They really encourage the baby to eat. It seems so simple. Definitely give it a try smile
Sometimes I give booby first before solids and other times I give solids first. It depends on when she ate last, her mood etc. Our lives would be a lot easier if we just followed our instincts instead of worrying!
My daughter is really small (not even 6.3 kgs at 6 months), but nice and round too!

Good luck with everything.

Taryn, NSW, Baby girl born 21/05/04

Hey Taryn!
Thank you again for your advice. I know it has been ages since I replied last but I have given it ago and she just gets really happy and eats it (thats when I make a noise). It works better in the morning but find she just isn't hungry enough in the afternoon.
Wow your little bubby is small compared my girl but she still is a little cutie!
Thank you again and good luck to you too.

p.s. Chloe was born on the 16/5/04 so our little ones are basically the same age he he.

Kristy, Qld, 6mth baby girl

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