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Self bottle feeding??? Lock Rss

Stupid question here but my 7.5mth old DS seems to be not wanting to be bottle fed by me, ie lying him down like a baby and feeding him. He want to sit up all the time and try to hold his bottle. What age do you stop feeding them yourself while they are lying in your arms?

Please help!


Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

DS 10 months sit on my lap on a slight angle (his back to my front) and likes to fed himself sometimes. Most times I have to fed him and can be a bit difficult at times at this angle but he will not lye down like a baby to have his bottle.

DS 13months

I would be so happy if my 10.5 mth old would start trying to hold her own bottle. The lazy little thing figures why bother when mum is here to do it for me. smile You have a clever independant little man on your hands. Why not try sticking a folded up towel under the bottle and resting it on his belly so he can also try holding it. That way you still get to cuddle him but he feels like a big boy also. In fact I think I might try this myself. The biggest problem I'm having is that my daughter takes her milk from the fastest and largest Nuk teat that there is. If she holds the bottle herself it leads to all kinds of unwanted milk artwork on the carpet, lounge, walls. It flows so quickly if it is just pulled out of her mouth.


Karen, NSW, 1 baby girl


I used to feed my little girl sitting up at around that age as she too didn't like lying down for her bottle and would fuss around until she sat up. At 8.5 months she learnt how to use those cups with straws in them and during the day we give her water and her formula via this at meal times. She still likes to suck from a bottle lying down nowadays, more a comfort thing I think before her morning and afternoon naps but the straw cup is the only way she will drink most of the time.

Hope this helps,

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