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This is my first visit to this site and I cannot believe there are actually other mum's out there going through the same headaches as I have been for the past 7 half mths. My little boy has been a shocking feeder since day one. I breast fed until 5 half mths and then went to formula thinking bottle-feeding would be so much easier for the both of us. Well what started off fine slowly became a battle of wills. He too would refuse the bottle after 90 - 120mls it got to the point that he would be lucky to take 500mls of milk a day, (while the "guidelines" appearing on the cans of formula seem to hint he should be on over 800mls) which really concerned me, I tried different bottles, increasing and decreasing the number of holes in the bottle, smaller feeds on a more regular basis, Zantac, you name it I tried it. One day he refused to drink anything for over 9 hours.

I am happy to report now all is well, he is actually starting to increase his intake (the other day he drank over 800mls over only four feeds), and I put most of the improvement down to my attitude. About 3 weeks ago (when he refused to drink anything for 9 hours) I went to see my local GP who arranged a referral to Tom's pediatrician. I think all I was looking for was for someone to tell me 500mls a day is fine (after searching books and the internet I could not find anywhere where it would tell me what was acceptable). After checking Tom over head to toe, he then told me what I needed to hear, that Tom was a very healthy little boy who is gaining weight. Therefore as long as he continued to eat his solids (he is on 3 meals a day) then if all he wishes to drink is 500mls a day then so be it, he will receive his required calcium etc. I think this is all I needed to hear someone to put my mind at ease, now there are no more tears and he is the happiest I have ever seen him. It has been just over a week now and we have had no tears during feeds seems to have realised that I will not pressure anymore milk on him when he shows me he has had enough.

I hope things continue to improve for you, it sounds promising.

Tom's Mum SA

Hi teamad,

I'm just wondering whether your daughter would drink expressed breast milk from the bottle. If so you could add a little formula to the expressed milk and gradually increase this amount (and decrease the amount of EBM) over a few days so she gets used to the taste of formula.

I am breastfeeding my 8 mth old but like her to have the occasional formula feed if I go out etc. She wouldn't take a bottle either (she didn't mind the formula taste, she just wouldn't suck on a teat) so I have tried using a cup since 6mths. She loves this cup and treats it like a toy-- biting on the spout, but getting fluid at the same time. My only caution would be that a lactation consultant told me that giving breastfed babies bottles and cups with spouts can encourage them to bite as when they bite the bottle/cup, they get milk-- so beware!

Good luck!

I did infact try my daughter on breastmilk from a bottle but still she refused.

I did however have a break through this morning, I tried her with a room temperature formula which she started to drink then refused, a few minuted later I tried her again but this time she was sitting on my knee leaning against my chest and she drank about 150mls which is fantastic considering that I had only put 200mls in it to start with. I now know that I have a strange child who prefers room temperature bottles rather thatn warm and prefers sitting up rather than laying down.

I am hoping that we have jumped over the hurdle and are heading for the finish line.

thanks again

Hi all.

I have had major feeding problems with my little girl Ella (now 5.5months) since she was born. At 4 weeks i put her on formula because she refused to feed from me, at 5 weeks she was put on Zantac for reflux, at 9 weeks i was sent to a pediatrician because she wouldnt drink and stopped putting on weight, she would scream like i was trying to kill her everytime i tried to feed her. The pediatrician ran blood tests, took stool samples and put her on Neocate formula (incase of allergies/intolerances). All tests came back fine... the ped has since started us back on normal formula and she's now on solids. Some weeks (like now) i'll be lucky if at each feed she'll drink 50mls, other weeks she guzzels like she cant get enough. The pediatrician said to keep an eye on her weight and her moods, so long as she continues to steadily (although slowly) put on weight and continues to be mostly happy just keep plodding along, his opinion is that she's just not a big eater. She seems to be enjoying the solids a little more but still has days where she wants neither! Its a constant cause for concern but i just try not to worry too much so long as her weight continues to slowly go up...

Since some of you are on Zantac, if your bubs have reflux have you inclined the cots so they're not lying flat? I found that actually helped a little too.

Hope all babies arent driving you all too mad!

Take care

Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

I have a 4 month old baby girl who is breast fed, because im returning to work in the new year i have been trying to get her to drink from a bottle.. she will drink water with no fuss but refuses to drink formula or expressed milk and spits cries shakes her head or pulls at the bottle and screams! I used to feed her with a nipple shield and she would take to the bottle and drink almost all of it. so ive tried this approach with her again and she didnt take to the shield either... after much frustration on both parts she has finally taken to the nipple shield so now fingers crossed in a few days i will try her on the bottle. I know this cant be of much help to formula fed babies but for those of you who breast feed maybe you could try this


We too are having troubles feeding our baby more than 100 mls. He too shakes his head, gags, screams and shuts his lips up. We have been to the paediatrician and have been given some Zoton to try. Zoton is for the treatment of peptic ulcers and reflux. It is a new drug on the market. We are at day 4 and see no improvement. We were wondering if the reduced feeding is affecting his sleep pattern? He only takes in about 400 mls a day and his solids. He is not gaining the normal weight he should be. He does sleep during the night but throughout the day is restless. We are now considering a Soya formula to try. May be he cannot tolerate the formula. We have tried several other formulas, bottles and teats and nothing has worked so far. This is such a terrible issue as it is not pleasant feeding and is worrying to us all.
Hi my daughter was the sme and when she was 6 months old (it took that long to get an appointment with the paeditrition) she was given losec and it worked straight away, she was so much more settled and started drinking full bottles again.
Before our appointment she was given zantac and it made her worse. She was only on losec for 1.5 months and then she no longer needed it.
Aimee is also lactose intollerent so she is on infasoy formula and that helped alot to also we still are using the NUK anti colic teats for her bottles.
Hope weve been some help and I hope your little one gets better soon.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

Wow..I guess I am not alone with this problem.
My little boy is 5 months old and has been breastfed since day 1.Now I am trying to get him on the bottle with formula but so far I have been unsuccessful.Its a long and heart wrenching process.He screams and cries very hard when I go away and his dad tries to feed him with a bottle.My husband has tried every thing from putting him down on the breastfeeding pillow to cuddling him and even sitting him upright in a chair.We so so terrified that we are traumatising him.I know that he remembers the whole episode even after 2 hours because he started to cry when he saw my husband.
I can't even get him to drink water or diluted juice from the bottle.On a good day, he'll just chew on the teat and the liquid dribbles out.
Can anyone advise us please?Thank you very much
I can't believe that there are so many people out there with the same problem. I don't know about you, but I feel so alone. I wish there was more help available to mother's who have difficulty in feeding their babies, whether breast or bottle. This problem has affected my family for the past 6 months and it is so hard to get any help. People don't realise just how hard it is!

My daughter who has silent reflux is now 6 months old and I still have problems feeding her (she became fussy at around 8 weeks of age). On average she will drink around 500mls per day. I have just started her on solids and things are starting to look up. My paediatrician actually suggested starting her on solids much earlier but I did not feel she was ready.

She was initially put on Zantac which made an improvement but then she got worse. After seeing a paediatrician she was put on Losec. This has helped her reflux. But because she associates bottles with pain she still fusses with her bottles (it is amazing what babies remember). I know that the medication can take a while to take affect, I think the Zantac was 1 week and the Losec longer. Losec actually repairs any damage done as well. I wish I knew about it much earlier.

We have spent a week in hospital with her (she was tube feed while we were there). She had a barium swallow done which was negative and also had a PH probe done which confirmed that she had silent reflux. Had this test not have been done we would not have known for sure if it was reflux or not causing the problem.

After hospital we spent one week at Tresillian. This was good for me as it helped me deal with things but at the end of the day you cannot make a baby drink! I have tried different bottles, teats, formulas, you name it, I have tried it!!!! I actually think changing too many things can make it worse.

Since being out of Tresillian (last November) I just take each day and each feed as it comes and as much as I hate to admit it, I have an extremely difficult baby to feed and there is nothing I can do about it. If you become too anxious they pick up on it. I also learnt the more you fight with them over it at each feed the more they don't want it.

They said at Tresillian offer the feed and if they don't take it, wait til the next feed. They also said that a feed should not last longer than 40 mins so after this time, cease the feed until the next one. By not pushing them and not fussing they begin to accept it again. But believe me, it takes time!

I have found a feeding clinic at the Children's Hospital at Westmead and they have been a god send. Without the support from the nurse and the paediatrician there, I don't know what I would have done. They monitor her and weigh her regularly. It is nice to have that extra bit of reassurance.

One thing that does work is feeding her while she is asleep? Have you tried this? Alot of my daughter's feeds have been while she is asleep and she drinks up to 220mls while asleep.

Good luck and hang in there!

After day 5 of Zoton with little or nor affect, actually I believe Joshua was getting worse my husband and I decided to switch him over to Infasoy. The first bottle of Infasoy was taken and we got hardly any refusal whatsoever. Now is day 10 and he is drinking almost his full bottles of 240 mls. I am feeding him only a few spoonfuls of his solids at each meal time. His daddy is still having troubles feeding him but I think this is because of the pain and troubles Joshua has had and he associates it with his Dad. We are slowly encouraging him to take the bottle from his Dad by dangling toys and saying nice calming words. We are getting there.

Good luck to all the other mums who are having troubles. We hope our troubles are over.
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