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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this site and was after a bit of advice.

My little girl is almost 5 mths and I've started to try her on some Farex once a day (she was showing some signs she was after something more) but she refuses it everytime.

Does this mean she is really not ready and I should give it a rest for a week or do I need to keep trying until she gets use to it? I guess I'm wondering what your own experiences were.

Tracie, NSW, 5mth baby girl

Hi! I had the same problem with my son. I ended up asking our clinic nurse and she said Farex tastes really bland and most babies don't like it, she suggested i mix a little bit of fruit with it (i just used tins of pears baby food) all it does is give it a little bit more taste. My son still doesn't like it much but at least now he eats a little bit of it.
If she still doesn't like it maybe you should try some food designed for babies from 4 months old, you might find something she does like.
Good luck!
hi i have a baby girl too she is 5 months on the 9th oct and she has been eating since she was 4 months. with the farex you can buy this in different flavours my baby is having pear and banana farex for breaky every morning. sorry my baby is named kattie, she didnt like the baby farex nether it is too plain for her kattie loved the pear and banana one staight away , so try your baby on something with flavour in it and she may like that. hope this has helped you .


Thanks Nicole and Rose. I have tried the banana and pear Farex and I've also tried pureed apple but with no luck. Maybe she just isn't ready yet. I'm going to get her weighed on Thursday so I'll ask the early childhood nurse (although from previous experiences she isn't a great help).
Thanks once again,

Tracie, NSW, 5mth baby girl

My little guy also dislikes Farex baby rice so I am glad to here I'm not alone, I've even tried mixing in puree fruit but he still refuses to eat it. I am going to start making my own food (as I work part-time I'm lazy and buying the tined stuff) as at childcare he eats lots of vegies and fruit but I don't have much luck at home.

Michelle from WA - researching for Tyson 6 months.


I'm also new to this site - and I love it!
My son, Nicholas, 4 1/2 months hated rice cereal and I kept trying it as I thought that it was suppossed to be his 1st solid food. I ended up boiling apples and mashing them up and he loved it!
I would sometimes add some Farex to it, to make it a little more filling, so it seemed to work. He also has milk coffee buscuits mixed with his formula in the morning as breakfast, and really seems to like that.
I tried pumpkin and he didn't like it, so I'm waiting for him to wake up so I can try potato, but I'm a little hesitant as it's getting late, and I don't want to upset his tummy.
Perhaps your little girl isn't ready to swallow the food, or is finding the new tastes strange. How about dipping your clean finger into the jusice of any vegies you may be eating, so that she can suck and experience the taste of new foods instead of actually swallowing it.
Keep trying - it will eventually work out

Good luck

Jackie, Nicholas 5.5yrs, Annaliese, 4 yrs

Hi Chelsea,
I'm a first time Mum dealing with the solids issue too. My son Hamish is 7mths old and started solids at 3 1/2mths as he showing all those signs as well. I didn't have any problems with Farex but know of others that have and their kids have loved heinz rice cereal instead (although they are made by the same people), maybe try that. The problem I have had is that Hamish keeps getting sick and going off his food. It's hard to know whether to start back where we left off or from scratch, but we're both slowly getting the hang of it. I think!!
My daughter hates rice cereal including the flavoured varieties but absolutly loves it mixed with mashed banana. Like the others said, try it with a range of different fresh fruits. My little girl hates apple but will eat pear - it's a matter of experimentation.
Hi, My son has just turned 5 months, I started giving him farex about 2 weeks ago. I expressed breast milk into it and made it very runny, each day I would put less milk into it till it is of a smooth texture,he has no problem with it. Babies do prefer the taste of sweet things[don't we all] with my other 2 children their wouldnt eat the savoury flavoured food after been given the fruits, so be careful there.


Hi! I too have a 5 month old baby. I started her on some Farex 2 weeks ago. She was not all that keen (I don't blame her!) and made some sweet potato for her instead. I just peeled 3, boiled them,then mashed them and then blended them (once cool). It is a good idea to keep some of the water you have boiled them in to make it more runny if you need to. (normal boiled water does not mix in as well) It really does not take all that much time; I poured it into ice cube trays and once frozen placed the little cubes in a container in the freezer. Now every morning I just get two out, pop them in the microwave, let it cool down and feed baby. Today I tried her on pumkin (but I hand mashed it with a potato masher as I could not be bothered getting the blender out) and after a few tries, she ate it. I think the new texture surprised her a bit but it went down! i think it is just trial and error. I have also heard that it is better to try savoury flavours first rather than getting them used to sugary sweet flavours. Anyone know when I should start offering a second meal and if so how much should I give her?

Nicole, NSW, baby born 7 May 03

Hi all. I have a 9 month old baby who hasn't taken to solids too well! I started him at six months (which now seems to be the recommended) time, and he is only now starting to 'get into it' more.

I just had a comment on the whole 'feed your babies something savoury before the sweet food' thing......Have you guys tasted breast milk or formula?? It is a sweet as anything!! So I can't work out how feeding sweet solids is going to spoil babies - they are already getting sweet food!!

Leanne, VIC, 10mth son - Fletcher

hi all I have a 5month old boy who hates to eat anything but pumpkin and fruit gels. We tried him on rice cereal with no luck then just plain fruit also with no luck. My mother has told me that maybe I should try weetbix and formula with him but I don't know. I was just wondering what any of the other mums on here has tried weetbix or even if bub can have that at his age. I was also wondering if any other mums had this problem and what they did to encourage their babies to eat other types of foods. Hope to talk to you all soon

kia, bris

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