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Hi Kia,

My son loves most food, but hated his rice cereal, so I used to mix some fruit in it to give it some taste. When he hit 6 months we switched to the High Protein Multi-grain cereal (Heinz variety) and I was still putting fruit in it out of habit, but one day forgot and he still ate it all. So now he doesn't have anything in his cereal and he loves this one. You could try blending what he does like with other foods and gradually putting less and less in, until he gets the full taste of the food.

Good luck.

Hello Chelsea-bun,

I have a 5month old baby boy who I have been introducing to solids too. And I started on Farex too, and my baby boy did not like it at all. So my first thought was that he was not ready for solids, but till I spoke to another mother I found out that apparently lots of babies actually reject Farex cause they don't like the taste of it, not because they are not ready for solids. So I gave my little boy some vanilla custard and he took it with no problems, he really enjoyed it actually. I was also told with Farex depending if you mix it with formula or breastmilk can alter the taste of it. But I tried both options and he still rejected it. Hope this helps. Take care.

Pam, NSW, 5mth baby

hi ange

we've tried mixing new foods with the pumpkin and he just won't be in it. I think I'll try the heinz cereal you mentioned and see how we go. Its just that I'm worried he doesn't have a good diet if all he will eat is fruit gels and pumpkin. thanks for the advice

kia, bris

Hi littlegrr,

Before 12 months most babies get most of their nutrition from their formula or breastmilk, so don't feel like your baby is missing out. I am sure you will be able to tell if he is missing out nutritionally.....

Weet Bix is probably not a good idea until he is at least 6 months of age, but I remember reading somewhere that adult cereals shouldn't be given to babies until they are at least 12 months old because of the high fibre content - apparently their gut can't take it...

Remember, it's all just experimental at this stage and getting him used to the idea of eating. I know all babies are different, but Fletcher has been REALLY slow with eating solids and is a strapping 10.5kg 10 month old baby boy!

Leanne, VIC, 10mth son - Fletcher

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