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Is there any "bad" food? Lock Rss

Jackie, I haven't checked back here for a while, but glad to see that Nicholas may have settled down for now... Hope it keeps up.

As for the extra nutrition after 6 months, apparently (and anyone feel free to tell me I'm wrong!) it is the iron that babies MAY need from 6 months on. Apparently some studies have shown that the iron stores from birth start to run out around that time, but that is still only SOME studies and not conclusive....

I think you'd notice if your baby was missing out nutritionally. They get most of their nutrition from the milk they drink until their 12 months old anyway.

Rice cereal can be constipating also...... I have also found (can't remember if I mentioned it before!) that banana and yogurt tend to constipate Fletcher....

Leanne, VIC, 10mth son - Fletcher

HI Hannah's mum

I've tried rice cereal, and he hates it! I now mix a couple of teaspoons with his bottle, to make it a little more filling, and to give him that little extra that he needs.
He went for about a week and a half of being a little better and eating a few new solids, but the last 2 days he is off his food again.
I'll keep trying and wait for these tiny teeth that cause major problems!!!!

One question for everyone, it is okay to give plain or flavoured yogurt? Even though they shouldn't be having cows milk now, isn't yogurt the same kind of thing?

Please help....

Jackie, Nicholas 5.5yrs, Annaliese, 4 yrs

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