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Hi, I am new here! Lock Rss

My name is Sarah and I am from Sydney NSW. I am married and we have an 8.5 mth old son (and 2 angel babies).

I look forward to meeting some new people here and to get some advice and reassurance!

I am wondering if any of you are feeding your babies fruit? If you are, do you know what fruit is ok and what is not?

I know strawberries is NOT, but I am having trouble finding any other info on more types of fruit.

Any info would be appreciated!

Look forward to talking with you.
Sarah gasp)

Sarah, Sydney, 8.5 month old baby

Hi Sarah
I have a 6mth old son. I have been feeding him pureed apple or pear. (pear is really good for avoiding constipation, as well as prunes or prune juice) I went to a parenting class on starting solids, at my local child health clinic. The nurse suggested pear, apple, avocado, peaches & banana, all pureed of course for around 5-6mths.
The information they gave us is from the qld health website found at-
The information on the site explains methods of preparing the food, as well as suggestions of what to give at what age. I hope this helps!!!
Thanks Heidi!
Like you, I have also given Ryan pureed fruit.. he loves it, but seeing as though he is into roughly chopped food these days, I am getting more adventurous with his meals and was wondering about stone fruits etc..
He loves plums, peaches, pears, apples, not too fussed on banana and HATES avocado.. I guess I am just trying to make sure I am feeding him things that will obviously not harm him!!
Thanks so much for your reply and the link Heidi.
Ryan is only a week off 9 months now..

Sarah, Sydney, 8.5 month old baby

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