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Is tinned baby food ok? Lock Rss

My 6.5 month old daughter will only eat baby yoghurt and tinned baby food. I have made every puree imaginable and she just gaggs on it. I have taken the same recipies and same consistancy of the tinned food and made my own, sometimes she will have a little bit. But the next time she gaggs and spits it everywhere. HELP!!! I'm starting to get a complex about my cooking skills!!!

QLD, Grace 04/02/2006

Hi Kylieh,

My baby only liked commercial food when starting solids too. I was very upset about this at the time, how could my little boy not like my cooking! The reason why my son wasn't eating my food was due to the incorrect consistence. Initially I was just mashing with a fork and putting it through a sieve and he rejected my food. Then I started to use a blender and add extra water then he ate my food! You say that you are getting the same consistency as commercial food so that shouldn't be the problem. Try to mix some of the commercial food with your food and gradually put less and less of the commercial food and hopefully your bubs will be eating wonderfully cooked home made meals soon!

Try not to worry too much, commercial food is also nutritious and if you bub continues to only want commercial food, when they are older give them fresh finger foods.

Good Luck.
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