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when to cut down formula Lock Rss

hey mums,

i have recently started giving my bub solids. he is just over 6 months.. i was just wondering, when do i cut down how much formula he has.. at the moment he is on 210ml 4 times a day. and he has pureed food twice a day(but only eats about 1 tbsp).

if anyone could tell me that would be great!

elyse, vic, hayden

HI there and welcome to the world of solids!!!
Your bub will still be on 4 bottles for a little longer yet. I don't think there is a time as such when you cut down, just judge by your own little one. When you find they are eating more solids and less of their bottle than it is time to cut out a feed. Around 9/10 months is a general guide as to when bub will prob be on 3 bottles a day. My little one is almost 7 months and has 4 bottles, 2 of around 200mls and 2 of around 180mls. She has 3 solids a day, but still quite small amounts of food!

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