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6 month old's feeding routine ... heeelp! Lock Rss

Hi! We're trying to start our 6mth old daughter on solids and seem to be having trouble getting her to eat anything?? I've started by trying her on fruit cereal about 1hr after her morning bottle ... she'll have about 2 mouthfuls and is then completely not interested. I then try her on vegies about 1 hr after her 5pm bottle and she does the same thing. I'm thinking perhaps she may be having too much milk & is too full for food ... maybe I should try offering food before her bottles???

I'm just worried that she should be eating much more than this, and she should probably even be having lunch aswell as rusks & things to chew on, but I'm having enough trouble just tying to get her to have anything for brekky & tea.

What are your 6mth old feeding routines & what quantities are they having (both bottle and food).

Also, are your little ones rolling yet? She's also not even attempting to roll over yet, which from memory they should be doing around 4-5 months??

Any suggestions would be great! Thanks.

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

hi kirsty... first of all, DONT WORRY! it sounds to me like your DD is doing just fine. how much milk is she having every feed?

at 6 months, the solid food you offer is not forming part of their nutritional requirements. it is simply to get them used to different textures and flavours. so, IMO, dont change the order (ie, continue to give bottle before solids) it is recommended that breastmilk or formula be the main source of nutrition for babies until they are 8 months. this is the time when you could give food before bottle.

when my DS was 6 months, he was having 3 meals per day, but he's been on solids since he was 10 weeks old. you just couldnt compare the two. if your DD seems happy, then she is getting enough food. there is no hurry to introduce a 3rd meal or even snacks. just let her take the lead. when the food/milk that you're giving her isnt satisfying her anymore, she'll let you know.

and as for the rolling, we all know that when they "should" be doing things isnt always when they do it. my niece is 7.5 months and still not showing any interest in rolling. try not to worry. she will do it when shes ready

good luck. try to relax and take your cues from your DD smile

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

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