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How many bottles for 9month old?? Lock Rss

my son is 9months old and isnt wanting his bottle lately. for breakfast he has 1 and 1/2 weetbix, and sometimes a bottle. lunch he has some chicken, tomato and cheese and some juice. a biscuit for afternoon tea and for dinner usually what we have mashed up. sometimes he has mos of his bottle before going to bed. is this enough formula for him to grow properly?

Blake Mathew 6.12.05 Mason Alexander 14.8.07

my boy is just turned 9 months old and he is having 4 bottles. I am trying to drop to 3 bottles as I understand 3 bottles at 200mls a day with 3 meals should be ideal for a 9 month old. That is my understanding anyway.

Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

Hi, my daughter is 9 months and a very fussy drinker. We aim for 3 milk feeds of 175 a day an hour after each solid but because this does not always happen I offer milk at morning tea and afternoon tea. Some days she will only have 300ml milk a day appose to the recommended 600ml. I am always giving her water. If he is not taking milk try offering yoghurts and custards along with water. This was recommended to me. And she seems happy enough with enough wet nappies. My stress levels have been very high with her not wanting to drink milk.


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