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does not like vegies Rss

My son who is now 6 months old has been on solids for three months. This mainly consisted of rice cereal with pureed fruit. For some reason he does not like vegies. Anything sweet he will eat but anything other than sweet he will not. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get him to eat vegies?

Lisa, Qld 6th month old baby boy

Hi, my daugter mainly eats pureed pear, rice cereal and yoghurt. However I have found out she will eat sweet potoato and pumkin pureed together as it has a nice sweet taste. Any other veges are rejected! Have you tried these veges?
Hope this helps

jen, mum to sahra born 28.6.04


I found a recipe that is equal parts apple and sweet potato. I know it sounds gross but it tastes alright.
Also i cook my bubs veges in half water half vege or chicken stock (the reak stock salt reduced) and she loves it.

Good Luck


Cassie,NSW, Blair 27/9/01, Mackenzie 19/5/04

this morning, I gave my baby potato, carrott and Heinz apple puree *just because there is left over*. He gave a funny look at start...but then almost finished the whole lot.

I started to mixed vegies with rice cereal....he's okay with it...

good luck!


The only way I could get my eldest to eat vegies when she was young was to mix them with pureed fruit. As she got older she also liked white sauce with them - you can make this with formula or milk. She also became more interested in vegies when she could feed them to herself - either mashed or as a finger food.

Good luck

mum to 2 girls

My son wouldn't eat his vegies until he was about 9 months and now can't get enough of them (he often wants them for breakfast!). I think with him, he didn't really like pureed food as he wouldn't even eat pureed fruits. So, not until I stopped pureeing and mashing was he happy. It was just a phase for him so I hope it is the same for you.

My babies are all grown up sad

I haven't had this trouble myself except with potato and I just mixed ina bit of avacado.... 2 good friends have suggested tomato sauce or vegemite mixed in helps get them to eat it.

If doing the veges yourself have you tried the commercial foods or vice versa.... or even the motherly cubes the chicken is so nice so mixed in with the veges that also come with it might help....

pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot are prob the sweetest how does he go with them? My son also loved fresh beetroot - I oven roasted it then peeled it and mashed it messy but sweet and tasty.

Hope one of these helps

Let us all know how you get on


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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