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Is tuna ok ...? Lock Rss

Hi, I've started making my own food for our almost 8 month old daughter & just wanted to make sure it's ok to give tuna at this age?? I'm pretty sure it is, but can't seem to find much on it.

Thanks! Kirsty

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

hey kirsty..
i have a recipe book which says that tuna is ok to give bubs.
Jett is nearly 10 months old and whenever i make tuna pasta, i give him a little. he first tried it when he was about 7months.
he doesnt eat soft chunks yet but he like the odd suck on the tiny tuna pieces..

just keep an eye out for any reactions... i know i prob dont need to say that but, just in case

good luck


Hi Kirsty,

My DS is just over 10 months and has the tuna spread on a sandwich some days and he loves it. The spread you can find in the supermarket with all the cheese spreads etc and is much easier. Maybe try a little first and if she is ok with it then it should be fine. Good luck smile
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