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Starting Finger Food Snacks Lock Rss

Hi All,

A question for everyone - what was the first types of finger foods you introduced to your bub & at what age did you do so???

My DS has just turned 7mths old & I am really unsure on the types of finger foods I should be giving to him.


DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

hi the 1st finger foods my boy tried were

milk arrowroot bickies
toast fingers with vegimite
steamed vegie sticks

tried sandwiched about 8-9mths ( as bread is more likely to gag them)

so just go slowly and try litle bits at a time gasp)
Hi Kelly,

I give Dylan toast fingers, tinned peach slices, tinned apricots cut into slices similar to the peaches, watermelon, and milk arrowroot biscuits.


Julie, Townsville, Dylan 3/3/06

I am also quite unsure about the finger foods, my dd is 8 months old and i have tried toast, soft fruits , biscuits but most of the time she takes a bite bigger than she can handle and then end up throwing up everything she had in last 3/4 hrs. so just don't know how to proceed with her solid and finger foods, didn't have much problem with choking and fingerfoods with my elder dd who is 2 yrs 4 months now.
Any suggestion will be of great help.
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