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Breakfast ideas? Lock Rss

hi well i have a 6 and 1/2 mth old daughter she either has weetbix or yoghurt for breakfast i have to alternate them around for i cant give her the same thing everyday because she just spits it back at me and wont eat it. i am just wondering if anyone has any other breaky ideas of what else i can give her? ides would be appreciated thamx
From 6 months my daughter started having mini pancakes/pikelets (plain ones or I'd add a few slices of banana into the fry pan to soften) as they made good finger food, fresh fruit or tinned fruit in natural juices (two fruits are ideal becaue of the size). She also loved baked beans as they are soft (she didn't go much for the sauce so I rinsed the beans first). And of course vegemite toast or toast with kraft cheese spread.
Hi twinkletoes. I still give my baby weetbix but I mix in some Goulburn Valley apple puree. He loves it as it gives a different taste again. I guess there are many things you could mix with weetbix. You can also get Heinz breakfast for 6 months old. My son loved the multigrain banana breakfast. I also used to mash up a banana or mango but not too much in case they get a tummy ache. I was giving him porridge until I discovered it had traces of peanuts in it.Depending on how your DD is going with her food have you tried some toast? My son loves avocardo on toast or just plain vegemite. You can also use creamed cheese on the toast. Good luck as I know what you mean by giving the same thing all the time. Then again I use to try to remember he was only use to bland tasteless foods anyway so there was not much for him to compare things too. Let us know if you find out any other good ideas.
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