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When can you introduce finger food Lock Rss

I have a 5 1/2 mth old boy who is eating solids, weetbix for breakfast, friut for lunch & veg for tea. Just wanted to know when you can introduce baby biscuits, like arnotts? I thought they needed teeth first, but looking back at photos of my daughter eating them before teeth.

This is my 2nd child how quickly you forget.

Im not sure if bubs is suppose to be having weetbix yet, i was told it is 9 months because i think there is too much fibre in it.
Its up to you but i wasnt sure if you were aware of it.

Sorry im not sure about the biscuits question but you could try the rusks first maybe, as i dont think they break off and bubs can suck on them.
Its only a thought, as i have only just started my little one on solids and i havent introduced the rusks yet, and im still learning about the whole solids thing.

Sorry if i havent been too much help, maybe you could ask your health nurse.
Sherrie and baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
Hi Sherrie & baby Maddisyn

Love that name firstly Thomas was going to be a Maddison, everyone had me convienced I was having another girl, so that's the name i had picked out so when he was a boy it was quick thinking but my husband came up with Thomas.

Thanks for your reply, he is only having a couple of mouthfull of weetbix, my daughter has 2 for breakfast & he will just sit & watch so I made some up with pureed fruit for flavour & added his formula milk, makes a real heap but he just eats a little, from my first post it sounds like he's eating a whole one, but I usally only make up 1/2 & he just nibbles.

I've been giving him rusk, dipped into vegemite for flavour, but thought something a little more exciting would be nicer, so I gave him an arnotts biscuit yesterday & he LOVED IT!!!!

I only started solids & food early (41/2 mths) cause he just wasn't interested in his milk so that was advise by my health nurse & he seems alot happier.

thanks again for your reply.


Yes, the name Maddison seems to be very popular these days, i originally had my heart set on the name Hunter for her, but thought she might get teased a little as it didnt go too well with our surname (white) but Maddison was our second preference and she got Hunter as her middle name, we decided to spell her name abit different, addinng a Y instead of a O.

Im glad Thomas loves his arrnotts biscuits and hes food, Maddisyn doesnt seem to like anything with meat in it, but loves apple, strawberry yogurt and banana.

Its only the heinz stuff ive used at the moment, until i get more into the swing of the solids, then i will cook my own as well as give her the already easy option of heinz meals.
Sherrie and baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
Yes I'm on the heinz food also, i've got a (just over) 2yr old also, so don't have time to do dinner for both, so while i'm still getting use to having two baby/toddler mouths to feed i've resorted to heinz.
Harriett was funny like that she wouldn't eat any of the custards until about 9-10mths & Thomas seems to be following turning his nose up to anything bar fruit, guess it's good in one way.

We must have similar taste in names, I love the name Hunter, sad really I got it from Bold & the beautiful, taylors name in real is Hunter. I don't really get a say in names my husband has named both of our kids, he seems to just pull them out of a hat when they are born (I've had ceaserans with both due to breech position) & by the time they are cleaned, wrapped & I see them I think oh that's pretty good - well done. I got a look in on the middle names.

Yes, i also got the idea from Taylor on bold and the beautiful, funny that.

I think it is another name that is slowly becomming popular, although i have noticed some of the older generation seem to stick there nose up at it, i know some did when i mentioned the name when i was pregnant.

I was lucky that Maddi actually looked like either name would of suited her when she was born, you know how some people say they have a name picked out but then when bubs is born they dont look like a ......whatever name they had in mind.

Maddi likes the sweet stuff, but because im only slowly introducing things i dont really know what she prefers yet, all i know is she doesnt like the potato,beef and pumpkin or the chicken,vegies and noodles. She does like the pumpkin and sweetcorn though.

Hope your keeping your heinz labels/barcodes in case they run that promotion again, having a 2 year old as well as a young bub, you should be able to get quiet a collection.
Sherrie and baby Maddisyn 09/09/04

I didn't even have boy name picked out, since I was convienced I was having another girl I pick out names for a "her", then when my husband said we've got a boy I didn't believe him, the doctor actually had to say no you do have a boy - then I thought oh bugger maddison or mckenzie isn't going to suit, so that's when michael picked thomas & I agree you have so see him/her before you definaltly choose a name, he's a thomas for sure.

Thomas hated the chicken/veg/noodles, but it wasn't very tastey none of them really are once you've had "real food".

I didn't even think of keeping my labels, I just thought they would only count if you collected them after they said the comp had started, but i'll start now. I've been trying to collect huggie barcodes for the play tunnel, one week i'd decide to collect them then a fortnight later i'd throw them out, so i'm going to have to start keeping a little jar to pop them into. My 2 yr old dosen't eat any heinz/golden circle "jar" food, she has to have a couple of mouthfulls when thomas is eating it though, turns her nose up but still says "hmm, yum" pretty funny

Thats really funny i had thought of Mckenzie too as a name but a friends niece had a bub 5 months earlier and had called hers that, im glad now because i dont seem to like it as much as i did earlier.

Its a shame you threw your huggies barcodes out, alyhough i think i have thrown out about 9 or so earlier on, people are selling them on ebay and there is a post under general discussion where a nice mummy has offered some barcodes, although someone may have already snapped them up, i can give you a couple of wipes barcodes if you like to help you on your way to getting the tunnel, i keep all the packets and then when i get time to cut the barcodes off i then have them kept in a envelope under the change table, keep all your barcodes from every huggies product as you never know which barcodes they require for any upcoming promotions.
I also keep the heinz labels in another envelope in the pantry.
I also keep the jars from the heinz foods, as i figure they could become a great storage food container for later.
Let me know if you want those wipes barcodes.
Sherrie and baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
Hey girls,
Before I go into the whole food thing I have to admit that i too am a bold and the beautiful watcher!!
But I just wanted to let you know that my boy is 7 1/2 months and he has been having weetbix for some time now. he even had it with cows milk. all that stuff "they say" is just a guide. you need to test things out to see what your baby is capable of handling. On the biscuit thing i hate the rusks-they always throw them on the ground and the get all fluffy and gross! I give Toby an aarnotts milk coffee bicky and he adores them!
He is actually really fussy-he still insists on his vegies being mixed with farex and he rarely eats fruit that isnt mixed with custard or farex. not into strong flavours!
Anyways just thought id add my two bob!

Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1


I started my son on weetbix, he used to love eating them when he daddy had his in the morning. But it all depends on what they can handle - and you'll know if they aren't coping with, beleive me!!

My 4 month old daughter loves arrowroot biscuits, she's been having them since she was about 14 weeks. She doesn't have teeth, she just loves sucking on them, and boy can she get through them.

Sometimes I moisten them with a bit of cooled boiled water if her gums are giving her troubles, but I reckon baby spit is a bit like acid, because it seems to soften anything!!

Good luck - hope that helps

Brissie SAHM to Jamie 2.5 years & Charlotte 1 year

Thanks, it does help, i think it's just cause he suck of big pieces & i'm afraid they will get stuck, but i'm always watching so i've pulled the bigger bits out. I've looked back over Harriett's photos & she was eating them aroud 4months & also vegemite sandwiches so suck, so maybe i'm just being a little over protective, cause he LOVES FOOD!!!!

I remember mum telling me of a doctor being on sunrise & saying you'd be surprise what there spit & gums can get through...

thanks again
hi, that is true about the weetbix. i was giving it to my baby at six months and the health nurse said it had to much fibre in it for a baby and now i look back she was very regular(to regular) as for cookies i give them to my baby now and i started at about seven months(arrowroots)she loves them but i keep her in my sight the hole time,she has just started to get teeth. hope that helps alittle

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