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warming baby food Lock Rss

I've been feeding DD 5.5 months solids for last two weeks. So far only apple, pear, pumpkin, sweet potato and farex. I have frozen portions in the ice cube trays.

At meal times I have been zapping in micro for 20 secs so they are cool to warm and I stir and ensure no hot bits etc. What do others do with their fruits and veg? What temp do you have?

DD's food is just always a warm temp

i too, make large vats of food and freeze

i defrost in the morning and warm when needed, cold food can give bubs a tummy pain

welcome to the wonderful world of foooood

Lillie....1 year old!!!

i defrost at room temp then heat in microwave. there are people who will tell you microwaves are bad, but i dont think it is any worse than the chemicals in foods, immunisations and everything else that is contraversial out there!!
regarding temp, i always try to have it just above room temp rather than warm or hot.

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