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8 month old routine ....... Lock Rss

Hi, I was just wondering what your 8 month old's feeding/sleeping routines are?

My DD is still having her last bottle around 10:30pm and I'd really like to start the change of having the last one around 8:00.

Also, are you giving bottles before food still?? And do you know what age is safe to start giving weetbix?

Thanks in advance!

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

My DS wakes usually around 4am which I get up and put his dummy back in and resettle him, he then wakes around 5am which i give him a milk feed, then
7am milk feed
8am breakfast, 1 weetbix and fruit puree
9am morning sleep (ranges from 45mins to 2hrs)
11am milk feed
noon lunch, yoghurt and fruit puree
1pm afternoon nap
3pm milk feed
5.30pm dinner veges then fruit (slowly started on meat but havnt given much yet)
6.00pm bath
7pm milk feed
bed usually around 8pm.
I had never used a routine when he was younger but found this one really suited him.
I think you can get baby weetbix but I just use the regular ones, he hasnt seemed to have any problems with them.
Hope this is helpful for you

Jackson born 12/3/06

Amanda, WA, Jackson 12/3/06, Declan 2/12/07, bub

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