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No Idea about teething Lock Rss

Hi all Iam mother to 4mth baby boy who has been on a great routine and sleeping well thanks to save our sleep wbsite however last few days seems grizly and very unhappy when awake, drooling heaps everything in his mouth have given teething rings etc ? first baby so not sure if its teething can anyone help me/or has experienced this is 4mth too early ? also has had red cheeks, and minor change with stools and nappy rash
sounds like teething to me..
How is his temperature???, have you naticed this at all.
I was just reading another post of oct 04 bubs and some of them have 2 teeth already.

I have twin boys born in Oct but were 2 months early i think one is starting to teeth as he is dribbling a lot and starting to get a bit grizzly. And chomps to the side if i put my finger in his mouth.

There is a product called bonjela which can help sooth them you rub it on there gums and it sort of numbs it. Check with the chemist though as i am not sure what age you can start giving it to them.
hope this helps.

where abouts in NSW are you????
What date was your baby boy born?????

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

My baby boy is now 8 months old and has not got any teeth yet. He is teething at the moment, we are waiting for them to come through. If you open your baby's mouth you should be able to see the tooth in the gum. I definatley can see it even though they havent broken through yet. Some baby's can be born with teeth. On sunday we thought my boy was teething but in the end it turned out to be tonsilitas, so just be careful cos sometimes its not teething. Bonjella and panadol are great. Also try putting a damp washer in the fridge and when its cool, giving it to your baby. My boy loves to chew on it.

Goodluck Riley's mum
Hi Janelle, thanks for your reply i will get some bonjela and give that a go. My baby was born 21/11/04 and am from wattlegrove. It just seems a little early but who knows its just that i can't think of anything else it might be
Thanks for your reply, the cold face washer in the fridge sounds like a good idea, I have just had his 4 mnth check so their doesn't seem to be any illness at the moment just have to wait and see how it goes i guess

My little girl has been showing those signs for a while now, it sounds as if they are there, it's just a matter of time before they come through.

Try bonjela, my son didn't like it, I used to use Dymadon for him, he loved the orange taste. A little of that or Panadol will help him feel a bit better.

I also go a free sample of teething relief from Brauer in the Bounty Baby Bag. You can get it from the Chemist, I used it with my son, it seemed to help, but I didn't have to use it much because my son didn't seem to get upset with it.

Suddenly you would notice that they were there, no real warning at all - lucky I guess - can I be that luck second time around??

He is now getting his back molars and they are starting to ache a bit.

Good Luck

Brissie SAHM to Jamie 2.5 years & Charlotte 1 year

Hi, my 8 month old son has has a terrible time teething and one thing that seems to help is a product called Hylands Teethinf Relief. They can be found at your chemist and they are actually little tablets. They dissolve in babies mouth, are natural and if they dont work for you they have a 100% money back guarentee (so keep your docket) They are one of the only thing that helps him when the bonjela wears off, when i dont want him on constant panadol(I am worried it will affect his gut later on if he had to have it for 2 weeks etc) and when teething rings dont help.
Hope this helps a little.
From Marika & Connor

Marika, Connor(20.08.04) & Bump (due 24.07.06) QLD

Your little one is teething, and no it is not to early. I have hear of babys teething at 2 months, there has even been a few case of babys being born with teeth!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only advis I have is get a tube of Bongela & same Panadol they will help with the pain. the frist two teeth take the longest, my little boy had them coming in for 2 weeks, but now he starts pulling on his ear and drooling and two days later he has a tooth, hope that helps.

mum of 3, 4yrs(f) 2yrs(f) & 8 months(m)

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