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Wont chew and chokes on anything Lock Rss


I am at my wits end, my little boy is 10 months old and will not take lumpy solids he will still only eat puree. After everything people tell me and what i have read he should be able to much things himself but he just wont do it and seems to choke everytime.

Is there anyone out there with the same problem or have any ideas on how i can get him to eat more lumpier foods?


Rochelle, NT , DS Caleb DD Brooke

Hi Rochelle,

How is he with finger foods, like toast, rusks, crackers, steamed vegies, grated cheese, grated apple etc?

DS wasn't really interested in any lumps until he had mastered swallowing bits of finger foods that he had sucked on for ages first.

Now he eats pretty much everything - although sometimes things take just way too long to chew through (like chunks of apple) so he gives up on those!!!

Oh and I forgot, I know it can be very frustrating!! You are doing a great job in a difficult/annoying situation.

I have never cleaned more vomit in my life, at one stage at each meal we had a bucket next to the high chair to catch the vomit!! Nian was eating a rusk once and threw up all over herself in the middle of Spotlight once!! So I understand your frustration completely!!

My nearly 10 month old is like this. MCH nurse told me to keep giving her lumps and finger food like you said in your post. She's still bad but I'll just keep going slowly.

I took her to the doctor about it and he said if she hadn't improved in a month to bring her back and he would refer her to a paediatrist for a gastroscopy. I don't want that done because she would have to have a general anisthetic.

She seems to eat teething rusks really well but not toast.

I tried giving her some cut up small pieces of really soft kiwi fruit on her tray today. She gagged and chucked on a piece I put in her mouth but otherwise had fun just mushing it with her fingers, lol

Mum to (Olivia 3 Feb 2004) & (Emily 26 Jan 2006)

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