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cows milk Rss

i would liek to know if you have to wait till 12months to start cows milk. My daughter kayla is 10mths old shoould i wait untill 11 months or can i start adding it to her formula. Also their is a history of allergys to cows milk in my partners family, does anyone know of the signs of the allergy to cows milk or is everyone different?

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

emma is 10.5 mths and is bf, but i am going to be introducing cows milk. will be doing half water half milk.

one of my cousins is lactose intollerant to the point where he goes into anaphalactic (sp?) shock if he has the tiniest drop or crumb od dairy, he needs adrenaline injection to stop it. another cousin just gets really sick, you know chucking up and diorreah (sp?)

have u spoken to your dr or cyh nurse about introducing it? they should be able to advise best way and time frame to introduce it to kaylas diet

keep me posted how u go

katie and emma

katie, SA, Emma 2yrs old

Hi there
my DS is turning 1 next Tuesday and I started giving him cows milk at 11 months. He was only on 2 bottles, so what I would do is gradually increase the amount of milk, ie, put 180mls of water with 3 scoops of formul then top up with milk, a few days later I would drop it to 2 scoops, then 1 scoop, I know have him on total cows milk in both bottles, he drinks 2 x250mls daily and has a cup of milk for lunch and loves it.

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

Hi im Linda, mu daughter is 10mnth (15/01/06) and i have started adding it into her formula, she drinks 150ml so i put 100ml formula and 50ml cows milk which i did for a week but now that she is fine with that i now put 50ml formula and 100ml cows and once she has that for a week and is ok with i will completely stop the formula

Hope that helps

From Linda
Amelia (15/01/06)

Linda, NSW - Amelia 15/01/06 John 08/08/07

NO stop

the latest studies show that it not good to give baies before the are 12 months most recomend 18 months i am not 100%sure but it has to do with the development of the stomach and the way it is digested


besides the fact that cows milk is not recomended to be given at all before 12 months, your bubs family has a history of allergies, i would be talking to your gp, or better yet a paed before introducing it, usually where there is a family history of allergy you are supposed to wait even longer before introducing it! good luck i hope your daughter is not allergic, i cant imagine a dairy allergy would be much fun!

Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

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