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4 month old throwing up after each feed Lock Rss

I have a four month old son who has been throwing up after each feed. For lunch I give him a tsp of rice cereal which he sometimes enjoys and after that he drinks his formula.

It was all fine until the past 2 days where he has been throwing up and not birping properly. I have stopped giving him rice cereal to see if this would help. Also when he throws up, the milk comes out like a fountain, with a lot of force. What could be the reason for this? He was doing fine all these months. I have been giving my son HEINZ rice cereal with apple.

Please help.
i found my bub didnt really like rice cereal at first either, made her a little sick - so i just went straight onto fruits and it worked, about a week later i tried rice cereal again and she kept it all down and seemed to enjoy it!

maybe that will help

TRINA, ZANE (both 22) imogen 12.11.04, Eden 23.11.


The apple might be giving him a touch of reflux. It might be reacting with the acid in his stomach and his stomach is doing the only thing it can do - get rid of it.

Try the rice cereal without the apple and see if that helps. Avoid anything acidic if it does.

Both of mine had reflux from 3 weeks, and can't have acid things, not until about 9 months anyway.

Good Luck

Brissie SAHM to Jamie 2.5 years & Charlotte 1 year

im giving my son solids early and did so with my first also but maby your bub isnt ready yet! you dont have to start solids yet. if you give babies food too early it can cause problems with their digestive track, but I dont know your circumstances maby you have big hungry babies like me who've shown an intrest in solids and need to fill there tummys i would sugest to give it a break for a little while then try agian maby with differnt foods rember it can take a few days to go though the system and also they might have alergys to some foods! good luck any way

Mother of Bryce and Jake

I have a 4mth old baby and too also throws up after her feeds. I suggest you wait a little longer between feeds, especially as rice cereal expands in their stomach so this could be causing the spitting up.
My daughter has 2 solid feeds a day at the moment, one in the morning after her breast feed, about 10.30 then another at lunch around 1-2pm. We haven't started dinner yet, but she has fruit for lunch and i'm introducing different foods slowly.

Belinda, mum to Tempany

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