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i have started giving Imogen pureed foods,a couple of weeks ago, and dont know how much i should be giving her?

she has about 6tsp of cereal for breakfast, about the same of some fruit at lunch and a couple of spoons of meat and vegies at dinner. is this too much or not enough, she is still having 4/5 200 ml bottles a day and weighs 8kg already, although my health nurse says she is not overweight or anything.... just wondering what other mums have found to be the right amount..



TRINA, ZANE (both 22) imogen 12.11.04, Eden 23.11.

There is a belief that babies will keep eating and eating and I thought this was rubbish because mine turns his head when hes full and wont open his mouth anymore (6mths old) but I have noticed that if there is something he likes a lot, he will keep eating and then throws bits up for the next 3 hours.

I would say, if shes not throwing it up more than she would her formula then you're probalby giving her the right amount. The fact that shes still having 4 or 5 200ml bottles per day means she doesn't need to have the food yet, its just to get her used to it. My son still has 4 x 200ml bottles too though he usually leaves about 10ml or so in the bottom.

I give my son about 4tsp of baby muslie at breakfast and nearly half a small jar of the heinz baby food at lunch and dinner. I give him a rusk or something like that with a bottle at morning tea though hes not interested in the rusk really and he usually sleeps through the afternoon tea bit. I think this is more than sufficient otherwise he starts throwing it up. He only weighs 6.5kg at 6mths but hes not underweight, just very slow at putting on weight.

Sounds like you're doing fine.

My mum also told me that when they start to spit the food back out with their tongue then they have had enough.

I have always used that principle with mine and it seems to work.

Just do whatever feels right, my son always drank lots of milk, and ate heaps too - so don't always measure on how much milk they drink.

Good Luck

Brissie SAHM to Jamie 2.5 years & Charlotte 1 year

I also started my 5 month old on solids a few weeks ago - and found he is completely different to his older brother.

Rohan (2 1/2 years) used to have 1/2 cup three meals per day plus 4 or 5 bottles. Weighed 7.9, 69cms.

Toby (5 months) has 1/3 cup, twice per day. Weighs 6.8 kg, 64cms. Toby has 6 or 7 breastfeeds.

Both boys love their food and the best measure is if they are still hungry - they will cry. Some days I find as I wipe his face, the bottom lip droops as he realises its all gone. I just mix up some more cereal to top him up.

As long as your baby is growing and content, you're on the right track.

Sarah, Mum of 2 boys

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