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How to cook vegies for bub? Lock Rss

I would like to start cooking and blending up vegies for my daughter and not quiet sure exactly how to go about it, by saying this i know how to cook the vegies but do i just add some of the water that i cooked it in to blend it up or do i add extras like butter and milk (maybe her formula) like the way we mix it after cooking for ourselves.
How does everybody else go about it.
Sherrie and baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
Breast milk, formula or the cooking juice is fine - it jusr depends on the vegies some don't need much liquid at all - others like potato and pretty yuck on their own so I mixed Bennetts with avacado and it was much better.


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

hi, you could either steam or boil the veges. if you boil them use just enough water to cover the veges then blend them with the cooking water as all the nutrients lost from cooking them are in the water. i usually mix a different vege with potato like pumpkin and potato or carrot and potato etc frozen peas are also good as they are sweet and my daughter loves them! recently i made her peas, potato and pumpkin mixed together and she loves it. since your bub is 6 months old you could use a little cows milk also. good luck

Kelly, NSW, Caleb born 3/10/00, Hannah born 21/8/0

when i first started my son on vegies i didnt mix anything at all and he just ate them plain. i steam all of his vegies but now he has a little butter and milk.
friends have also mixed potatoe with apple for a little taste as the water in the apple mixed well.
good luck

Debbie, VIC, Brad 2, Josh 3 Mth

Is it ok to freeze say potato if i have used formula to make it a thinner consistancy.
Sherrie and baby Maddisyn 09/09/04

I just cube the vegies really small, add a little water and boil it up (that way it cooks quicker and you keep the goodness in)

I normally make extra so that I can put it in ice cube containers and freeze it.

You can add what ever vegies you like, pumpkin, potato, zucchini, carrot etc, and rice & pasta.

I have a lot of fun creating different meals & tastes for my kids.

Good Luck

Brissie SAHM to Jamie 2.5 years & Charlotte 1 year

i boil the vegies like i do for us.then puree it with a bit of formula.the fruit i put enough water to cover them and boil them till they are soft then just puree them can also do the fruit in the microwave.
Hi Sherrie

I froze everything and anything! It all works fine. The one thing i'll add is that things like zucchini are VERY watery, so don't add anything to them when you blend them. It's also best to cook zucchini with the skin on, otherwise you loose all of the 'good stuff'! Just make sure you really give them a good blend!

Nothing is nicer than cantelope either! I'd buy a whole one, cut it up and stick it in the blender and then freeze it in ice-cube trays, along wiht heaps of other fruits. Then, in the morning, i'd get a selection of cubes and leave them to thaw. The cantelope smells and tastes fantastic, and is great for getting bubs used to a food that isn't around in the shops for long!

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

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