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I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem with this horrible topic. I have recently changed my 6month old sons formula to Karicare 2 previously he was on Karicare AR for he was projecting most of his feed. Should I put him back on the AR to try and stop the vomiting? He is not vomiting as much as he used to but it is continuse through out the day.
Hello JoJo My boy is 9 months old and still on Karicare AR. He doesn't vomit as much but still has a few episodes during the day. I have found that by using a faster flow teat the vomiting is reduced. I just bought another couple of #4's by avent this morning. Maybe the slower flow and the thickness of the formula caused him to have to work too hard to suck it out and thereby swallowed quite a bit of air. I have also read that this condition can last up to 18 months as the valve between the stomach and osopaegus needs to strengthen. Also as they are either sitting or crawling this causes pressure and they bring up food/milk. I also read ( I have done alot of reading on this topic) that there may be some correlation between a C-Sect birth and vomiting baby as they dont get the mucus sqished out, rather they get it sucked out. I might start a survey on this topic and see what stats it comes up with. Best of luck I hope the little one


Hi westiegirl thanks for your info it was interesting what you said about the mucus for they never sucked it out at all, but when I had my 13 year old they did I just thought that over the time that things had changed, maybe I will change him back to the AR. My sister said it is probably due to him crawling around all the time (hands pull him stomach and legs drag) he is always wanting to crawl I even have the problem in the bath now where he wants to crawl in there. well thank you again JoJo QLD
Ever since the day my son was born he vommitted like there was no tomorrow. I put him on Karicare AR when he was about 6 months and I did notice a change but it didn't completely stop. It was far from it. But he is now 9 months old and I don't remember the last time he vommitted. When he started sitting up I noticed it really eased up and now hes just starting to walk its totally stop. Just hang out a little while longer and things should be fine. Putting Ashton on Karicare AR was the best thing I could have done.
I dont use Karicare myself as it is too expensive, but was just wondering, could your child be lactose intolerant? I have had no broblem with my 10 month old son since putting him onto the heinz formula, although when I purchased the gold version of the product he was unwell for a few day so I took him of and he went back to normal.

Just have a close look at the packaging, some time there is a lot more of one ingredient in the later formula.

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