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Reflux Lock Rss

My now 5 year old son had reflux and now my 12 week old daughter not only has reflux but also colic. Although it (the colic) is subsiding it is still a trying time. I have some ideas, does anyone have any too.

Claire,SA,12weekold girl

My 9 week old son has just been diagnosed with silent reflux so we have had to put him onto karicare AR. Its a thickened formula. We are also giving him brauer colic releif and it is all working for him.
My now 5.5month old daughter Ella was diagnosed with silent reflux at 5wks old. She was put on Zantac and we were also told to incline her cot about 20 degrees so she wasnt lying flat and also to hold her upright for a little while after feeds to give the feed a chance to go down. I also used Brauer colic relief which worked well for her!

Hope alls well

Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl


My son, now 5months old, has reflux.
We also tried everything that other mums mentioned here - anti colic, burping, keeping upright after feeds, elevating the cot, etc.
One thing I found very useful was to use the rocker. Sometimes he even slept in the rocker for the whole night (make sure the belt is fastened at all times).

But the downfall of using the rocker is that now he is 5 months old (nearly 6) but still hasn't rolled onto his tummy. This worries me a lot. If we try to put him on his tummy, even 2 hrs after feeding, he still vomits!!

Hope things will get better.
Thankyou so much for your reply, it was much appreciated. My son who is now five years old had reflux until he was just over two. It was a real trying time for myself and my husband as everyone was saying at 6 months that he should be rolling over but we very rarely put him on the floor as he hated being on his back flat. He is an extremely bright kid and there is no looking back. My daughter who is now nearly 5 months is in the same predicament. Her bed and pram are elevated at all times. I am also giving her Brauers Stomache Calm which helps really well. She sleeps from 8pm to about 7am, everyone says what are you complaining about, your baby sleeps all night but during the day is hard with a baby with reflux even if you have been through it before.
Hope your babe grows out of it soon, thanks again.
Take care!!!!

Claire,SA,12weekold girl

hi my daughter suffered from reflux but before it was diognosed we tried everything we could find to try to settle her - colic spray, infocol, gripe water, zantac until we went to the peadrition and got Losec-it is amazing stuff, after the first day of taking it the crying and unsettledness stopped and she was so much happier. and she only needed for amonth and a half before she no longer needed it.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

Hi mum of Aimee,

My son who is now 4 and a half months old, is also on Losec and has been for about 11 weeks. You mentioned that your daughter was only on it for a short while, how did you know she no longer needed it?

Please let me know, I would also like to wean my son of Losec if I can.

Thanks, look forward to your reply.


Mum to toddler

Hi, just letting you know that you sent me an email about Losec but my daughter was on Zantac. One of the other mums had their child on the Losec and has now taken them off of it. Maybe email her. My daughter was taken off Zantac as she was getting belly aches. I now give her Brauers Colic Relief and Brauers Stomach calm. They have definatly helped her but she is a grizzly baby anyway but sleeps all night well. She had severe colic as a little baby and now has all of us wrapped around her finger so she cries at the drop of a hat and it is taking a long time to get her out of it.
Hope all goes well, these babies are hard work, emotionally more than physically.

Claire,SA,12weekold girl

our daughter didn't roll onto her tummy until she was 6 months because of reflux so don't worry it will happen and then you will saying I wish you weren't rolling yet as i can not keep you in one place ( they think it is a big joke you put them on the mat and come back a minute later to find them over the other side of the room )
Hi everyone,

Jsut wondering for those who have had their baby's on Zantac, did you find that once you started solids you could start to take them off it?

My daughter has been on Zantac since 8 weeks and I am finding I am having to give it to her less and less often. I am curious to know if it's because of the solids.

Hi there

My boy has suffered reflux from an early age. He was put on S26 AR (Anti Reflux), Infacol before each bottle and Mylanta for those bad attacks. The improvement was not substantial. I was told solids would improve the situation - only to a small degree. Being totally over the situation, I sought chiropractic treatment. Six visits and the reflux was GONE!!! Well worth the investment (and refundable from my medical fund). He is no longer on the thickened formula (which is in preparation to going to cows milk which is a thinner consistency than the thickened formula) and the infacol is also being wound back one feed per week.

I now feel like a normal mum who can go out without Charlie wearing bibs that he has had on for 5 mins that are puked on or Charlie puking on me.

I would recommend you hunt around for a chiropractor who has experience in treating babies. Ask around, ring around and talk to a few. If you don't see a significant improvement in 6-8 visits, than it is probably not working and refer to your peadeatrician. I never felt comfortable giving him medicine and believe natural therapies have a role to play in fixing some problems with out the need for chemical intervention.

It was the best thing I have done for him so far in his short life. He is a much happier baby as a result.

Maureen, QLD, Charlie Jack (9.5 mths)

My son had reflux and nothing seemed to work. My 6mth old daughter has reflux and has since 6 weeks old. Ive been on zantac and prepulsid. Mylanta should only be something used when needed and not all the time, u need to control the reflux because if u dont it can do damage, to the asofigus[dont know how to spell that] Prepulsid has been taken off the market, but my pediatricion has been able to get it from a Pharmacy in eltham, victoria, they send it to me. Before i knew nothing about reflux, now seeing my fantastic pediaritian i feel like i know everything. My ped says losec is good as well, but a little more fiddly than prepulsid. I still have my daughters cot up on an angle as well. When i put her down to sleep she used to scream, now she goes down without a sound, oh except for when she tlks to herself first. If your in melbourne and whant a fantastic pediatrician let me know and i would love to help you. He is in mitcham. I drive 40 mins to see him just because of how good he is. I highly recomend him.

Sharon wink

baby kendall dob 10.05.2004

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