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Just not interested inf solids...still!! Lock Rss

Hey all

My likke girl Molly is 8months old now and still goes most days with very little or no soids at all.
She is not little thing either-quite the chubb but LOVES a booby drink. I find if someone else ofers her the soids she takes more than she does from me but still no where near the amount i remember my two boys eating at this age-my first son was almost on regular meals(same as what we were eating) at 8 months!

I find if there is no one else around to give her her solids that i have no option but to give her a top up breast feed so shes not hungry-i know i am giving in to her but with three kids under 4 and a hubby on night shift a screaming baby just makes life so much more caotic!

Any ideas?


Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1

Hi Kath,

I wouldn't worry about it too much. Your daughter sounds as though she is healthy and thriving and that's what matters. I have heard of some bubs not eating anything until after age 1, just having plenty of boob.

You can only keep offering her solids and see if she become more interested in eating them. If you really want her to eat the solids...then at least once a day offer a solid feed when she is hungry...before you give her a boob. That is all I can suggest.
my DS is 8.5 months and i find this age he is very distractable. to keep him interested i always give him his own spoon and a spare plastic bowl. that way he can play and try to feed himself, which keeps him interested and eating.
not sure if this will work for your DD. but if not, i wouldnt worry. they dont tend to starve! so if she was hungry then she would eat! my DS also goes through good weeks, where he eats heaps, and slow weeks, where he is more interested in milk.

My DD is nine months. She prefers booby too, but I have recently discovered she will eat more solids if I let her feed herself (she holds the spoon & I guide it into her mouth for her) Its worth a try!

Shay ~ 2yr old DD, newborn DS

I have the exact same problem - 8 month old Jessica is not taking to solids at all. I started with good intentions, making loads of fruit & veg purees, etc. I've tried absolutely everything, and the only things she might consider eating are sweet things, and even then won't take much (a teaspoon on a good day). I've tried letting her feed herself, but she just wipes the food in her hair or throws it on the floor, so I'm getting very frustrated! She is very healthy & fat on breast milk so I'm not worried about nutrition at the moment, but am absolutely exhausted from breastfeeding all day & night for 8 months to sustain her. I also have visions of having a 2 year old that will only eat chocolate custard if this keeps going on......... I have tried supplementing with formula, but she will only occasionally accept this. Any suggestions for solids or formula feeding much appreciated.
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