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Lunch ideas Lock Rss

Does anyone have any tasty lunch ideas for a 10 month old. She has a wetbix for breakfast and meat/fish/lentils/vegies/soy pasta/rice for dinner and a little farax for supper and she drink heaps of milk. For lunch she usually has fruit or bread+avocado or vegemite but this is becoming repetitive. Any different suggestions? Thanks


Hi there I think if you go to the general baby topics on this site and go to the recipes section you'll get quite a few ideas.

My twins are the same age and they are great eaters. I try to give them variety and alot of finger food. Mine have toast fingers, baby muesli and fruit and yoghurt for b'fast, then vegies, pasta, fruit, dates, sultanas, sandwiches, more yoghurt with fruit, etc for lunch depending on what I have on hand. Dinner is usually macaroni cheese or spag bol or a chipolata sausage with vegies, followed by custard something like that. They have 4 milk feeds a day (am trying to cut out one of them). They also have snacks like cruskits, shredded wheat biscuit, little roll up sandwiches and muesli bars with water from a cup.

It does get repetitive, but I try to be creative. I get some inspiration from babies recipe books (Womans Weekly has a good one out at themoment) and from talking to other mums.

Hope this helps

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