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4 or 6 Month????? Lock Rss

Hello Everyone,

I have a 15 week old baby girl.

It appears that there is alot of controversy concerning whether we should start feeding baby solids at 4 or 6 months of age.

Initially I always thought that it was 4 months when it was intoduced, however I was recently informed that it is now 6 months.

I'm unaware if there have been new studies proving that starting solids at 6 months has been more benificial for baby, which I'm sure you will agree with me is our number one priority, however I have not heard of any baby that has been harmed in any way, shape or form in the past by being started on solid's at 4 month's.

If anyone has come across any relevent studies to prove the fact either way could you please list them for me.

As of course I have not yet started feeding my daughter solid's, I am very interested to hear anyone's opinion as to whether it is prefered to start at 4 or 6 months, and along with that the advantages or disadvantages in doing so with either choice.

Your opinion's and advive would be very much welcomed and appreciated.

Thankyou, Kris

woohoo we did it!

Hi there kris,
I started feeding my bubs at 13 weeks old as i think i mentioned in jan bubs posts. Its entirely up to you, whenever you feel comfortable in doing so. I started Josh off on baby gels he had about 2 little spoons a day and he loved it so i continued to give it to him one a day until now where he has farrax and veggies and fruits. so when you feel is right go for it. it wont even hurt to try her on something now if you feel up to it.

Hope this helps you make a decision.


I think this debate of 4 or 6 months has a lot of pros and cons for either number. You have to take into account your babies progress etc as to when you decide to start.

One of the members here "jm" has previously put up really good quality information on this subject which I think does include research etc but I can't remember which post it is in - you could do a search on "solids" or maybe "jm" will post and tell you where to find it.

My son is 4 1/2 months old and still seems contented on milk - I suffered from asthma as a child and am trying to hold off until six months due to the increased risk of allergies.

I actually did buy a box of Heinz cereal for 4 months but have decided to just watch his progress - he is showing all the signs except he still has the tongue thrust reflex which is quite strong - he will be six months at the end of June so I am hoping he will stay contented until then on milk.

I started Ben on tastes at 6 months, but he didn't eat solids properly until 8 months.

Apparently enzymes needed to digest food properly aren't even present in their system until closer to 6 months.

Solids may make baby feel fuller but it is doubtful if they absorb any nutrients from the food.

I also encountered problems with different ones of my kids having constipation or not drinking enough milk after solids were introduced. Ben is the only one I've started late and he has taken to solids much better than the others.

Tania, NSW - Mum to 4, Number 5 due Feb 07

I started my first child (daughter) on solids at 4 mths old as back in 2001 this was what was recommended, she took a while to really get into the solid foods and wasn't very good with them probably about 6mths she picked up with them. Then with my 2nd child (son) I introduced solids at 5mths, I was going to wait till 6mths as this was the recommendation now but my doctor told me at a visit that he was well ready for solids and to start at 5mths, well I did and I found him to take solids very well. So between my 2 children I would have to say that even waiting that extra month was much better. But really if you start at 4mths or 6mths its up to yourself and if your baby is interested in solids, some babies are ready and others aren't.

Thankyou for your replies,

I can see already, as I'm sure you've noticed, there are varying opinions, but I'm gathering that majority seem to be leaning toward 6 months for what ever reason.

As I had mentioned, my daughter is 15 weeks old, when my husband and I have our meals we sit her at the table and include her in meal time (even though she is not eating anything), we have noticed that she is getting more and more interested in us both eating and drinking.

However she still appears quite content just with her breast milk, whether it be from myself or in the bottle from dad...

I'm stll very interested to hear others advice or stories, and would be appreciated.

Thanks again, Kris

woohoo we did it!

i have an 11 week old daughter and have just started her on solids. i was fed solids from just six weeks and my mum and davids mum agree. alyssa was having a bottle every two hours before we started and now she has a bottle when she wakes up (around 6.30) breakfast around 9 which is babies rice cereal and then a bottle after, lunch is a fruit (pear or apple or other fruit) and a bottle after and dinner meat and/or veges and a bottle after as well. she has another bottle at about 9.30pm and she is sleeping better at night after having all those extra nutrients even tho some arent even absorbed properly she still gets everything from her bottle anyway.

alyssa 28.2 taylah 2.11 lachlan 11.9

Hi Kris,

Personally I think there are certain restrictions put out there for our babys that are crucial to their health and development. Then there are ones that just arent benefical to them at all like setting them an age barrier for when they should be given solids. Yet a poor child may be ready for solids but mum is waiting until what she was told to be the right age.

My mum started giving my youngest sister solids at one month which is pretty early but milk just wasnt enough. My great grandmother who had 11 children told me she started her children on solids when they needed it and there certainly wasnt any restrictions back then. Now my girl is 15 weeks old and shes been on solids for roughly 3 weeks and she loves it. As the saying goes its 'mothers intuition' and I personally think that, thats the case for everything including when a baby should be given solids. Your baby will let you know when he or she is ready and its up to you to read the signs. Thats just my personal opinion.

G'day Awhi,

Very well put, and thankyou for your reply and input on the issue, it certainly gives one alot to think about and consider.

Thanks, Cheers, Kris

woohoo we did it!

Hey Kris!

Fancy meeting you here!

Just wanted to let you know that Hayley is having one tablespoon of farex at tea time. This is only because my health nurse suggested it. She is far more content. I found she used to be a bit grizzly before but now she is quite happy all day.
Then again it may have something to do with the new routine but we'll see.


Michelle, 4m baby girl Hayley

Well, Well, if it is'nt Michelle,

Long time, no write... lol... smile just kidding.

Can you get Farex from the supermarket? If you don't mind me asking, what was the reason the health nurse suggested it?

I've been looking out for sign's from Charlie as far as feeding solid's go, is it just the interest that they take in us eating and drinking? she put's her hands in her mouth, but I thought she was just exploring her little body and the different texture's.. and Charlie also still seem's quite content with her breastmilk.



woohoo we did it!

hi Kris,
i was always told around 4-6months also but when i mentioned it to a co-ordinater for mothersgroup she litterally had a "go" at me saying that i definatly shouldnt start solids until my baby is at least 6months! although there are foods out there for babies around 4months, my baby is 3 1/2months and i started farex for the first time yesterday - he loved it! im going to wait and see how he goes and will continue if he has no reaction to it.

people have also told me that the guideline 4-6months is a "guideline ONLY" you start when you want to start, but starting after 6months or at 6months could cause feeding problems? dont know if this is true or not, because i havent had to wait that long to find out!

GOOD LUCK! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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