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Birthday Food Lock Rss

Ben is turning 1 next week...

I am giving him a party - it is going to be like a pool party as he is getting a little pool for his birthday.

Wanting suggestions for food for the party

I am going to but a little container with ice on the table and have pop-tops in it. Besides the usual chips and biscuits, i may make pinwheels and cupcakes - any other suggestions would be great.

A lot of the guests are between 1 and 5.

Rebecca, Qld - Bens 1 on Saturday!

What about mini frankfurts, small meatballs, mini pizzas, small vol-au-vents, chicken nuggets, mini quiches, melon balls, corn fritters or mini omelettes.

Hope that helps you
Hi Rebecca,
At my two eldest kids first birthday, I had the usual things, aswell as cheerios, cheese sticks jatz biscuits, cheese or chicken in a biscuit, milk arrowroot biscuits, lollies like snakes, fruit sticks, home made ice block, made with fruit juices and flavoured milk. The kids all loved these, as they were like grown up party foods. Hope this helps, and hope you have a great day what ever you decide.

Mother of 3, Qld

Hello Bens mum, what about chocolate crackles?
Also tiny teddy bisciuts are cute to put in ther lolly bags. Have fun!

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Thank you Tracey and KirstieGai,
I have planned to have biscuits, cheerios, fruit sticks, banana lollies, and patty cakes. I also have pop-tops and if they want - milkshakes (using the recipe from this website). I also have ice blocks. I like all the food that Kirstie mentioned but it is too hot for this time of year.

Rebecca, Qld - Bens 1 on Saturday!

Oops, forgot that it's hot now. However, I still serve quiche, cocktail franks and meatballs cold or at room temp.
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