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Feeding solids to 6 month Old Lock Rss


My daughter is just over 6 months and i am and i think she is getting sick and tired of the same solid foods,
Breakfast Wheat farax mixed with pureed pear
Lunch: Beef, Pototo, Pumpkin and Gravy
Dinner: Banana farax mixed with pureed apple

has anyone got any other ideas on what to feed my little girl as she has started to refuse breakfast and starting to do it with dinner.. I have only just starterd her on the lunch beef but if anyone has any other ideas on what to feed her it would be much apprecaited as i am pulling out my hair i think she would as well if she had any..
my clinic nurse confused me yesterday as she was trying to rush me through as she had about 6 people out side waiting for her and it took me an hour to get in there so i didn't want to push her but she did say i can cook with cows milk thank god...


Thanks, Daughter Cody May 6mths
Try vegies mashed with ricotta cheese, baby custard, baby yoghurt, kraft cheese sticks (very soft and great to carry anywhere), grated apple, toast, tuna, kiwi fruit (cut the outside parts off to feed, not the seeds in the middle), avocado, sweet potato, weetbix (poor a little hot water over to soften then add formula from the bottle), banana, mango. My daughter loved to suck and chew on a lamb chop bone (short loin chop) after I'd eaten the majority of meat from it.

Just think of stuff that is soft. You don't even have to mash it, try and give her small cubes or sticks to chew on.

My daughter was completely off the farax by 6 months.
My son Felix is also just over 6 months old, and he eats wide variety of things - we haven't used much tinned baby food as I tend to make a batch of homemade and freeze it. For breakfast, generally some Heinz baby muesli mixed with cooked fruit (apple, pear, apple & pear, apple & rubarb) and baby formula. You don't need to add sugar to the fruit if you use the sweet red apples. Lunch is veges of some sort. Just steam (or microwave) whatever veges you have on hand. Some combinations include: potato/pumpkin/peas, potato/sweet potato/carrot, sweet potato/zucchini/carrot. You can add a bit of grated cheese or ricotta cheese. A friend of mine used to add Vegemite to the veges to get her fussy baby to eat (although I haven't done this myself - I would wonder about all that salt!). For afternoon tea it is usually fresh fruit and natural full-fat yoghurt. Lately he has had mango and rockmelon. Banana is also good (and easy). Strawberries aren't recommended until a baby is 1 year old (allergies). I have read in a few books that you shouldn't use baby yoghurts as they are not full-fat and are diluted with fruit juice. He often has a chew on a rusk or mango skin to keep him occupied.
Try not to stress too much - I'm sure your little girl will be fine. Just keep the meals simple, vary them a little and it will be OK!

Regards, Christine
thanks for replying both responses helped alot i have printed it out so i know what to try now gasp)

I tried Cody on vegies and rice with a bit of cheese mixed in last night and she seemed to like it i just have another problem now yesterday for breekie she had 70ml of formula and today had about 20ml if that....... also at night time her last feed (about 8ish) she is only drinking the smallest amount 60-120ml... I am pulling my hair out as i don't think she is getting enough milk as i was told to try and drop her lunch milk not her breekie milk.. In the books they say she should have a min of 600ml of forumula incl in food but yesterday she had 500ml if that.
My girlfriend thinks she is teething and apparntley they go off there food???? how knows. Hope this is it.....

I just hope she gets over what ever it is she is going through as she use to sleep through until 8am now she is waking up at 6ish and its killing me i love my sleep.

Thanks again
If it isn't one thing it's another!!!

If she doesn't want her bottle try water or diluted juice.
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