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What are your 1 year olds eating ..... ? Lock Rss

Hi! My DD will be 1 in 3 weeks and I'm just curious to see what other 1 year olds are eating.

Her current routine is:

9:00 1 x weetbix & drink
10:00 240ml bottle

1:30 1 x yoghurt & drink
2:30 240ml bottle

6:00 1/2 large jar of food & drink
7:30 bottle & bed

I just feel this doesn't really seem substantial enough for a 1yr old.

Have your 1yo's started finger foods for luch like sandwiches, pasta etc? Do they have morning & afternoon tea? And, do they pretty much eat what you have for dinner?

I'd also really appreciate any ideas on finger food's for lunches/snacks.

Thanks guys!

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

my DD will be one in 3 days and shes a lazy eater and scared the hell out of me choking on banana a few weeks back!
but the clinic sis says all kids different
My DD has b/f then 2 weetbix or once a week rice bubbles..for brekky(the rice bubbles dry she like to feed herself and wont choke on this)
10am b/f and snack(yogurt, teething rusk banana cut up)) then bed till 12:30pm
lunch 2 min noodles, vegemite sandwich in lil peices(feeds herself) or fruit
1pm b/f
4pm arvo snack... fruit, yohurt or tin/jar of cereal/or custard
then b/f
6-6:30pm dinner then 7-7:30pm bottle then bed for night till 7am!
she loves her food doesnt like chunks but will eat lots! chunks if given
and sometimes she gets extras in between from my lunch n dinner

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