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11mth old will not eat at all Lock Rss

My 11 mth old daughter will not eat. She only wants breastfeeding, which is very draining! I could not even tell you how many drinks she has in a day. She will drink from a cup (water & a bit of cows milk) but turns her nose up at food. She may take a couple of mouthfuls but then screws her face up. I will be wanting to wean her soon after turning 1 and am not looking forward to it. My son was a dream and was weaned at 14 months. I offer her fingers foods, food from spoon etc but all to no avail. She crawls around the house crying wanting a drink and crying more if I offer her a drink from her cup. It can be very tiring. My partner is very supportive and will take her from to try to get her attention from me but it just doesnt work. Does anyone have any ideas????

tammy,vic,2 kids

hi, my 14mth girl also loves breast milk, im trying to wean at the moment but even after a mug of water she gets cranky if i dont also give her breast milk, even if its a 5 min feed. until recently all she ate was fruit puree, she turned her nose up at anything else too. i just gave her what she wanted and then slipped the odd teaspoon of something different in between to find out what she liked. my doctor said that she gets most of her nutrients from the breast anyway so it wont matter if she chooses not to eat other meat & veg purees. i would feed her jelly, fruit salad puree, pear & banana and custards. i think she prefered the sweet flavors better. she hated the chicken puree and some of the cereal mixes were hard too swallow. try to encorage her with smooth creamy sweeter tasting items at first and give her time to adjust to food.
the packaged egg custards that you mix up yourself were her favourite. i hope this helps a bit. hang in there!

heidi, sa, baby girl 29/10/02

also water the foods down she may not like the texture of it being used to milk only. gradually make them thicker to allow her to get used to it.

heidi, sa, baby girl 29/10/02

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